WDM Video Capture (universal) Problem geforce 4 ti4600

By Paschendale
Dec 8, 2005
  1. Hello fellows

    I've been googling this problem for a while without any luck, i have seen other guys having similar problems.

    Basically I cant activate the video capture with the Gainward Geforce 4 Ti 4600.

    I have the VIVO cable with the yellow and a black connector. so black (s-video or composite) for input and yellow for tv out. The instalation of the drivers goes smoothly. THe problem comes when booting the computer, sometimes i get bluescreen during windows loading, just before windows login. when the booting works, i get the WDM video capture (universal) with exclamation marks. disable and enable removes the exclamation mark but the wincoder does not captures anything, sometimes i get the computer booted when wincoder attempts to capture something.

    Im using latest nvidia drivers for the video card and for the capture. The funny part is that windows detects a tv tuner, and i dont seem to see any coaxial conection in the cable, so i really wonder what is that tv tuner thingy :eek:

    I have: remove the devices and installed again, check the irq so that it is not sharing with any device (BIOS), loaded previous drivers versions. no luck

    the current situation is that the device manager doesnt show any exclamation marks, but wincoder will reset the computer when attempting to capture

    what do you think?? sorry for the long story


    AMD althon xp 2600+ 1.97Ghz
    PCchips M848a (crappy motherboard i know) :haha:
    1Gb DDR 400
    Maxtor 120Gb 7200rpm 8mb
    Gainward Geforce ti 4600 128mb
    LG GSA-4120B
    XP SP1
    PSU 350W

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