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By rdc0011
Apr 15, 2007
  1. I just recently had to re-image my computer due to a virus I recieved from a peer to peer network. I am now looking to up my security without spending a whole lot of money. I previously had ETrust security suite which I did not totally trust, but I had never tried it before and did not hear anything bad about it. This program was free to me thru Time Warner, But I now would like to try something new. I guess what I am asking is, what are the best programs out there for the least amount of money?--- Thanks
  2. Nodsu

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    Common Sense is the most important and it comes for free if you are lucky enough to have it :)

    No P2P program will give you a virus automagically! (Spyware may come with some programs though.) You had to open an executable file to get that virus. Common sense lesson #1: never open executables from untrusted sources!

    Even if you had the best antivirus program in the world, it would not protect you from everything! All AV catch only the stuff that already has infected enough people to appear on the AV company's radar.

    Now, are you interested in free programs or are you willng to spend some money? Also, what exactly are you interested in? Antivirus, firewall, antispyware, all of them? Does it have to have a complete suit or would separate programs be OK?
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    Security comes in layers, but sad to say, if the hackers wants you bad enough
    and is willing to spend time and resources to do so -- they will get access somewhere.

    That said, take reasonable efforts to protect reasonable data and take
    extreme measures to protect valuable data.

    First, search this board for PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE security.
    If you can stop them from gaining access, then you (in a perfect world) would
    have no use for antivirus programs (no contamination would occur ).

    You can only run one firewall and one email scanner (proactive tools) on a system.

    You CAN have multiple antivirus programs (reactive tools) with which you manually
    scan the system. (notice: manually)

    Get Spywareblaster from www.javacoolsoftware.com -- it will stop known-bad
    activex programs from being downloaded by your browser.

    Lastly, you need to vigorously educate your users on email and attachments;
    never open an email from a sender you do not know,
    make sure your email scanner is active and kept up-to-date
    and attachments ending in .exe, .com, .ocx, are always suspect.
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