Web Server redundancy questions . . . ahhhh

By KCtechy
Aug 11, 2006
  1. I have Comcast Commercial grade service (8mb down/1mb up) an I run a few servers from my house. My main web server is a Dell Dimension XPS III, running Win2003 Server. It has two SATA drives that I configured into a Raid 0. I was more concerned about space than redundancy, but spanning two drives gives me twice the gamble. I can't wipe this beast and start over, so what would be my best choice? I have parallel IDE available, so can I mirror with that or can't that be done. Or I have another Serial channel, so I guess I can add another pair of Serial drives, but that will start costing more. I was thinking of using Ghost v10. I could create an image and do updates whenever alot of changes happen. Then worst case I could just throw the image on any HD to get back up.

    But I just noticed that Ghost 10 is really for PC's and it doesn't look like it will install on a server OS? I really don't want to get into server backup software, cause I want an image like Ghost creates. Can I install it on my Admin PC and do the backups via mappings. I just wanna protect my webserver and have an easy way to restore from any major crash??

    Thanks - Jerry
  2. Nodsu

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    You could add another hard drive bigger than your RAID0 set and then use Win2003s software RAID facility to mirror your RAID0 to the other drive.. This would mean a couple of reboots and a very awkward setup though.

    Do you really need to image your entire hard drive? Backing up the IIS configuration and the web content should be enough really. In case of a disaster, installing a new copy of Windows will take 2 hours max and restoring the data should be easy too.
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