Web services may threaten Microsoft monopoly

By Arris · 6 replies
Apr 10, 2002
  1. You'll have to excuse me on this one since you have to be registered to view news on this site so I have posted a copy of the article.

  2. lokem

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    Now that's interesting stuff from Sun. NO wonder everyone's trying to offer web services via SDKs now. Have a look at this:

  3. T-Shirt

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    Both good articles, thanks!
    It just reaffirms my belief, that. net/web service/ subscription software is a BAD idea, for consumers.
  4. lokem

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    It's not that bad IMO. I just wish companies don't portray it as the "ultimate future solution" for software. It has it uses in certain areas, but not all.
  5. Arris

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    Valve software's Steam system (launched with the Half-Life modification Counter-strike) seems to be aimed at providing software (any that wish to use Steam) and its related over the web. Games look like they will be able to be purchased and installed using this distribution system but the traditional purchase system of going down to your local store won't be forgotten. You'll still be able to buy a boxed version rather than just buy a download. Guess with the ever expanding broadband user base this sort of thing is going to keep gaining popularity.
  6. lokem

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    While broadband has a very strong presence in the US and its neighbouring countries, that isn't true across the world... Especially in my country and the countries around it. IMO, it'll take at least 3-5 years before broadband is available to the public at affordable rates.

    There's actually broadband available but it's very expensive and it's only avail to certain areas. If I'd want to be online 24/7 at rate of 1.5Mbit up/down (should be around that speed), we're talking of a monthly charge of around USD$400-450. BTW, that's a corporate package :D
  7. murkyturky

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    microsoft news

    There's a good site for keeping up with what microsoft is getting up to called www.arcon5.com . It also has some interesting articles
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