Wee touchscreen problem

By voodoochile
Dec 2, 2007
  1. Hello all

    Recently i have aquired an old POS terminal it is a javelin viper 333Mhz AMD 128Mb Ram, really i want to hook the touchscreen to something a little better speced with the ultimate result being my DIY carputer. anyway my problem is that the monitor connects to the mobo via a cat 5 patch lead... i have so far come up with two schools of thought about the best way to hook this into a standard vga card either it is VESA/DDC or a form of serial vga (in which case i may need a special card)
    the graphics chip is a magicgraph 128zv+ from what i can see its a standard laptop/notebook chip for the era. any help on how i can do this would be appereciated

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