Weekend Open Forum: What screen resolutions do you use for your devices?

William Gayde

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We're surrounded everywhere by screens, with many owning a smartphone, laptop, desktop, and a TV. It seems that the most common resolution today is 1920x1080, but 2K (1440p), and 4K are gaining in popularity. There have even been a few ultra high resolution 8K units floating around the market.

Some smartphones, especially iPhones, also have non-standard resolutions. Competitive gamers may downscale their display resolution to get better performance while others are looking for the absolute best image quality.

This week we're looking at what resolution you use on your devices. So with that, are you happy with a regular old 1080p monitor or have you upgraded to something better? Do you even know what resolution your phone is? If not, do you even care and think it matters or do you just assume it's good enough?

Personally, my phone and laptop is regular old 1080p. I have a 1080p high refresh rate monitor for gaming and normal use as well as another 1440p monitor for content consumption.

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Dyson Parkes

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Most of my monitors are 1080p at home. I have one 1024x768 touchscreen terminal running jukebox software, but 1080p is my norm.

My workstation in my office has a 1080p secondary with a 2560x1080 ultrawide as the primary.

As for phone, that's 4k. So far, I can't say it's made a difference.


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1080p@60 on 24 inch monitor. 1440p on the phone, which is totally unneccesary. On the monitor tho, it could be a higher resolution since I can see some icons looking shitty and it could be a bit annoying because I'm spoiled from almost 600 ppi on the phone.
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Perfectly happy with 1080p on both monitor and phone. I'd be more interested in monitor manufacturers getting around to finally providing an affordable TFT that combines the strengths of TN's fast response with IPS's color accuracy / view angle stability with AMVA's contrast + low backlight bleed all in one without any of the usual respective drawbacks (poor view angles, IPS glow, black crush / grey to grey smearing, etc) instead of the same old "resolution rat race" with the same old compromises.


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1080p @ 60Hz (TN) - Laptop (17.3 inch)
1440p @ 165Hz (IPS, G-Sync) - Desktop (27 inch)
2160p @ 60Hz (TN, HDR10) - Smartphone (5.5 inch)

My Desktop display is my favourite, phones best for colours (HDR is actually very good). 4K is completely unnecessary on a phone.

Will be purchasing a TV in the new year which will be 4K and HDR compatible.


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Several from 1080p60-4k60 unscaled. My 3 primary displays are:
Phone is at 2960x1440@60


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1080p@60hz as well on my sanyo 32 tv, however my screen resolution is 1366x786 32bit color.

Greg S

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Laptop: 4K
Phone: 1440p
Desktop monitor: 1080p

Ideally, I'd like to get a 4K 144Hz monitor for my desk but I also have no plans on getting a TN panel. Also, the hardware I truly would like to see just isn't ready yet. We aren't that far off, but still out of reach due practicality and cost. I will be waiting until 4K monitors come down in price before I pick one up.


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I'm perfectly happy with my 23" 1080 desktop monitor at home.
My 5.5" phone is 1440, but I had to look it up.
At work I have two ancient 19" 12080x1024 monitors, different brands with different color temps that I cannot sync. Yes, I work for the government; why do you ask?


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1080p is fine. I bought a new curved screen gaming monitor on black Friday in 1080p. I've noticed that as long as it can do at least 1080p the picture quality benefits more from a higher framerate vs. a higher resolution. Unless I am 4 inches away from the screen I can't tell much of a difference between 1080p & 4k. Not to mention 99% of the content I consume is in 1080p anyway, I rarely have the option to watch something in 4k.
Eitherway I'm happy with 1080p, any more and it becomes too hardware intensive to process, too large of a file size to store, and too hard to find. 1080p should be declared "the standard resolution of all things" period


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I have never had a 1080 monitor. Since my CRT monitor @ 1600x1200 I went to 2560x1600 back in 2006 and now I run 4K monitor and 4K tv.


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My XPS laptop is 1080p, But the 27" monitor it is often plugged into is 1440p And that sems like a good resolution for that size, I would eventualy like a 30+ inch monitor at 4k, I'm a coder so it's nice to have a lot of real estate.


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Desktop: always been 27" 1440p.
Laptop: 13" Ultrabook @ 1080 to save on battery life.
Phone: Galaxy S8+ @ 1440p.


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1080p @ 60Hz (TN) - Laptop (17.3 inch)
1440p @ 165Hz (IPS, G-Sync) - Desktop (27 inch)
2160p @ 60Hz (TN, HDR10) - Smartphone (5.5 inch)

My Desktop display is my favourite, phones best for colours (HDR is actually very good). 4K is completely unnecessary on a phone.

Will be purchasing a TV in the new year which will be 4K and HDR compatible.
Well 4k is created for phones & computers, wherein ure close enough to appreciate 4k of resolution.


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Work laptop: 1080p, 60 fps, TN
home (gaming) desktop: 1440p, 144 fps, IPS @ 120 fps
smartphone: 720p


Desktop: 3440 x 1440 @ 60Hz, 34 in. display Dell (U3415W)
I don't own a tv
looking forward to HDR and 4K

Uncle Al

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1080p is plenty for my pitiful eyesight ...... not saying my glasses are powerful, but counting atom's has become a pastime .......


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My laptops are 1080p and so is the TV that serves as monitor for my (hardly used) desktop (the 1600x1200 monitor is still there but has been retired). Tablet is 2560x1600, phone is 960x540. TV is 4K.

By the way, 'tis the right season to be asking about the new year's resolutions.
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Smart Phone 1080p, 60 fps? idk
Desktop 1080p, 144 fps

I enjoy the added fps while gaming but my next monitor is definitely going to give me some eye candy, probably 4k+.