Weekend Open Forum: What's the oldest part of your PC?


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One of the best aspects of being PC owners is the ability to replace different parts of our rigs as and when we see fit. Most of us enjoy upgrading on a fairly regular basis, but there’s usually one component (or accessory) that keeps on aging as everything else becomes shiny and new.

For this weekend open forum, we want to know what’s the oldest part of your PC. You can include internal hardware such as fans, along with monitors, cases, and accessories like mice and keyboards. Personally, I believe the seven-year-old DVD drive in my PC is its oldest, and least used, component.

So, is your rig sporting a GeForce 240? Maybe you’re using an optical drive that was bought during nu-metal’s heyday, have a PSU that’s still working more than a decade later, own an ancient IDE HDD inside a system you keep meaning to upgrade, or perhaps you just couldn’t bear to let go of that CRT monitor. Whatever it is, please let us know in the comments below.

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Squid Surprise

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The motherboard generally.... once I need to replace that, I almost always just buy a new PC (and use the old one elsewhere)....

My latest PC is only a little over 2 years old, so everything is the same age (other than a couple of extra 8tb backup hard drives I added in)


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My 3960X is still kicking, though the blazing 16GB of 2133Mhz DDR3 Corsair Dominator GT is just as old.

Per Hansson

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Lian-Li chassis is tied with my CPU water block.
It has a plexi cover that I've simply replaced through each socket upgrade.
Infact it and the pump and radiator is all of the same age, over 11 years!
The Logitech Z5500 speakers at 10 years are not so shabby either ;)
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Julio Franco

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I was still rocking an old Cooler Master HAF 932 (the original one) until early this year when I finally moved to a Fractal Design Define silent case, much more in line with the PC build I was going for these days. With that, an old secondary 2TB HDD remains in there as the oldest component.


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The oldest part would definitely be my IBM Model M keyboard made in 1986 (though it's using a USB cable now). Next oldest I suppose is the case, an Antec P180 I bought in 2006 I believe. My Samsung LCD monitor is getting close to ten years old now.


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For around 22 years I have been using the Original Windows Natural Keyboard part# 59758 - the first one. It is PS2 only so eventually it will have to go but it still works great. Take it apart sometimes for cleaning and it keeps on going.

Antec 900 case since early 2008 and it has been used for my last 3 builds. I have actually had 7 video card updates in that time but this case with all the fans just keeps working. All original fans working in it also probably because I ordered extra fans in case I needed a replacement and they are still in the original packaging. Had I not ordered the Antec fans, I would have probably had 3 or 4 fans quit working on me. Think they have a law for this somewhere.

Retired my almost 11 year old Samsung lcd monitor just a couple months back when it started having problems.
What can I say but that I get attached to stuff I guess.


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Baracuda 500GB hard drive for a 2006 build , OS XP x64 but now use this drive for storage , and my Zalman cooler from 2007 for amd Opteron 180 ,now on 8370e, also my first SLI build 7600gs from 2006 ,since then upgraded many time, been thru 4 psu, and 8 gfx cards -three SLI and one CFX currently/ 5 CPU / 2 towers and still use two 80mm fans from 2006.


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30 GB WD drive from back when 30 gig used to be a lot. Still works, but I hardly use it now, it sits in the big case though and the comp is running 24/7.


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A few components from my first build in 2004 are still in service or worked when I stopped using them:
- ThermalTake Tsunami Dream case for my main PC
- Hyundai 19" LCD monitor is now attached to my wife's PC
- 74 Gb WD Raptor hard drive still worked when I took it out a couple of months ago
- DFI LanParty UT NF4 mobo was just recently replaced with a modern Intel-based system

The OCZ 500W modular PSU finally failed just a couple of months ago.


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Up until I went with a complete new AMD system I suppose that would be my case, an Antec 900, which I still use for my old i52500K rig. Few of the fans have failed but it still does the job.

bluto 2050

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In the man cave study here I purchased a new 2016 HP Pavilion midtower Core i5 PC mid June 2016 build date is 03. XX .2016 ,I purchased a 240GB Vector 180 SSD for a clean windows 10 install at the same time and it was running clean windows 10 on the SSD the second day here .

As for the current attachments the Schiit Audio stack & Cherry MX brown mechanical keyboard came later along with a 27" PC screen a, Samsung QDOT 55 KS8000 4K HDR 1000 TV ,new ELAC 5.1 Speakers and a Sony ES HT 7.1 770 watt AVR .

The prior not old Logitech 5.1 audio and 2015 55" 4K Sony HDR TV (not as good as the new TV but decent ) have been repurposed in other rooms but I don't game or do any heavy lifting with this PC beyond an occasional media file transcode so it's fine .

There is another custom DIY Core i7 ,Nvidia Geforce d/GPU PC and 40" 1080p Sony TV panel in my family use PC game ,drive sim ,2.1 music room, outside of other TV's and media players here and the family cinema room with the 2015 4K HDR Sony from in here now and its own AVR and 5.1.

The Core i7 Game ,drive sim DIY custom PC is getting a new Seagate 2TB Fire Cuda Gaming Hybrid SSD/HDD and a clean windows 10 install sometime soon after the drive gets here from Amazon prime tomorrow ,it's an upgraded 2012 PC build and the HDD is the oldest part now aside from the case and DVD /CD burner .

I have a restored vintage mid century 1962-1965 vacuum tube general coverage Hallicrafters /Raytheon SWL (short wave ) radio coming from E Bay for in here to go with my modern Grundig gen coverage field radio and the other stuff in the man cave .

,The mid century SWL radio should here in 3 days , a decent 8-12 tube 1937-1938 Zenith Radio large black round dial shortwave restoration or project ,is my next thing in here ,iI had one back in the late 1960's ,they work real well and can hold thier own on AM /SW with a modern $1K radio today beyond that they are way cool when they work .
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Oldest is a 500gb 3.5 seagate. I cant find a buyer but is rock solid for 8yrs. Using it secondary backup drive for VIP files.


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Probably my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS, although at the moment I'm not actually using it since I don't' have surround hooked up. The moment those 5.1s are back in action the ZS will be called to duty once again..I've never found a mobo that supports my Logitech 5.1 rig (which is nearly as old as the sound card) correctly.

Oh, and I'm fairly sure the GPU in that pic is a Geforce 400 series.