Weird and annoying bug

Jan 6, 2003
  1. hmm wonder if any of you can help me with meh prob, right i got a ASUS Ti4600 and a iiyama VM Pro 451 running WinXP Pro SP1.

    I have been using 29.42 + the refresh fix for ages and ages. I noticed that ppl are getting major fps increases with 40/41.x in ut2k3 so upgraded :)

    Thing is I now can only get a refresh rate of 75hz in windows and my games, regardless of what i set in the det drivers and what is set in windows. I can set my hz to 150 in windows but its still running @ 75hz. Same in games after i set the hz in the det drivers..........

    Really weird, i got a feeling its to do with the iiyama monitor drivers but even with another driver or even a standard monitor driver it still dont work :( I have reinstalled and gone to 40.72 fresh and still get problems (have tried loads of 41.xx too)

    If anyone cud help, really annoying having to use older drivers just to keep my hz at a stable rate.

    Cheers :D
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