weird hard drive noise with absolutely nothin on bootup

By SornyPanafonic
Aug 19, 2006
  1. my hard drive i think gave out. the thing is that i get nothing when i try to boot it up, no bios screen nothing. i dont even get any beeps. one time a got about 6 or 7 beeps before i just unplugged it, in hindsight i should have let it run its course but i thought it was going to be continuous. ive tried unpluggin everything, i thought it might be a power thing so i unplugged my fans and my dvd drive but no. i tried bootin up with just my storage hard drive (western 80 gig) but again i get nothing. i removed the batter from my motherboard in hopes of reseting it, but no. the more i think abotu it the more i think it might be a cpu thing. its a amd 2600+ and about 3 or 4 weeks ago i had put i on aggressive setting on my gigabyte motherboard, but i dont see what kind of damage that would do. i have 1024mb ram (2 sticks - 512) runnig on xp. also have a ati 9800 all in wonder.

    again absolutely no response from the comp at all. before it gave out it woudl boot up to only freeze or restart without notice. i had trouble sometimes getting it to start, having to unplug it and try again a few times before it would boot up, much like an old car. that hard drive is 5 years old. i dont care for the drive i care about the data on it. i mean its like a $30 drive now.

    any ideas or suggestions will be welcome and thanks in advance. i tried looking thru some old forum questions and someone advice putting it in a freezer overnight. im considering do it, in a ziplock wrapped in a towel. maybe throw in the cpu as well? thanks in advance.
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    reposted this under mobo and cpu since the more i think about it the more it looks like its one of those guys that failed.
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