Weird Hard Drive Problem

By seanmcq
Jun 28, 2006
  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could help with a problem I've had on a machine. This machine has been merrily running for about 3 years running WinXp. Today it decided to snuff it and presented me with a black screen and flashing cursor.

    I booted to ERD Commander 2005 (which is basically just a crash utility for unbootable machines) which told me it couldn't find a windows install. I scanned the disk, it found the old volume, I tried to restore it but no luck. I took the hard drive out and tried it in another machine which wouldn't recgonise the drive at all. Tried it back in the original machine and again wouldn't recognise it at all. Just assume the hard drive had packed in and got another from another machine. This hard drive works fine in the machine it came out off and boots to XP.

    When I put the drive in the machine I'm having problems with, it gives me a "A read error has occurred, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete". Tried it again back in its own machine and it works fine. Put it back in the problem machine, went into BIOS and the drive is recognised under IDE devices. I then booted to ERD Commander again. It can see the drive and sees the windows install and I can browse the drive and see all the files. So from ERD the drive seems fine, and from the other machine the drive boots to XP fine, but on this machine I get a "read error" even though everything is attached correctly.

    Surely if it was a motherboard/ram problem i.e. IDE slot etc. then I wouldn't be able to see the drive at all, not only when I try to boot to Windows.

    Any help is appreciated
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