Weird problem… games crashing

By Brian
Feb 23, 2003
  1. Weird problem…

    I have recently installed a new Western digital hard drive, (60 gig 7200 rpm) and using everything that my original system used, the same hardware & software ect. I am using XP pro, with SP1 and the plus pack installed, 56k modem, SoundBlaster Audigy 2, geforce 4 MX400 128, 512 MB ram. Motherboard QDI Kenetiz 7EA,

    The problem is, everything seems ok, but as soon as I try to install a game (in this case “mafia” about halfway through the install, it very violently crashes, and resets the machine. Or “driver” will install, but crashes when you try to play it… Previously I was getting BAD_POOL_CALLER messages and STOP_000 type stuff, but I carefully reinstalled everything and left the sound card to last in case it was to blame…. Problem is, as I mentioned at the start, EVERYTHING was working fine before, and now as I put in a new drive, it all screws up….. any ideas? I tried the newer via 4 in 1 (December 02) but it made no difference, is it my system cannot deal with the 7200 drive? Have the 4 in 1 drivers anything to do with this at all? Memory failure? Any thing else?
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    Not sure of what the exact problem is but have a look at this link which details what all the STOP error messages mean. Check out your BAD_POOL_CALLER.

  3. Brian

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    The bit that gets me is the fact that everything is the same as before. The only difference is the hard drive. My only thought now is maybe my bios does not like the enhanced drive.... I think a bios update might be in order.... I have ordered a new 400w power supply just in case anyway, as the one in my computer has been there a while, and I suppose since memory is cheap at the moment, I will try another dimm....
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