Well to put for shorts lots of computer problems

By evilgoddess83
Aug 18, 2006
  1. First of all I know, I know, I have a IBM Netvista it was free and I can see why. I'm not sure if it's due to the very low processer (5??mhz processor) or if it's the low ram (128mb) with Windows XP on it. Or if it's both and problem is could any of these things cause the Netvista to just shut down without any notice? I have IE being fine and if i stop scrolling the IE for a couple minutes I get frozen. Same happens to Firefox (except im lucky if i can even start it). Also the contol alt delete trick im having a problem with it cause once this thing is frozen it's permenantly frozen and not even the task manager will pop up. Not even the start menu. Or is my problem much like those other forums about Netvista that I have looked over. Can a simple ram replacement be my best bet? Or should i do an overhaul out the window into the highway where all the transport trucks travel. :D I see this as a big challenge. And I greatly accept any info you may have. and thanks for your time.
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