Westell 610015-06 & D-Link di-624s

By Pearlhouse
Jan 30, 2007
  1. I have verizon dsl in Ohio. Anyone here know how to setup the Westell 610015-06 modem and the D-Llink DI-624s router? Ive tried putting the modem in bridge mode and then the DI-624s in PPPoE. Verizon wont support the router and D-Link wont support the modem so Im left in the middle.
    This seemed to be the answer as everthing was going OK for about a week than it all slowed down. Now I removed the router and put the modem back to PPPoE and bingo its back up to speed again.
    All ideas here are welcome.
    Anybody out there using this combo?
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Is it your Internet just slow or does it quit working all together?

    There are many things that can cause slow connection speeds that are not related to incompatible router/modem combinations.

    You should attempt some troubleshooting by elimination. The next time your Internet becomes slow, if you're using wireless, try plugging it straight in to your router. When your Internet becomes slow, try another computer - is it slow too? Does the problem go away if you restart your router? If not, does the problem go away if you restart your modem? If not, does the problem go away when you restart your computer? If the problem does go away after restart a device, how long does it take for the problem to come back? Does the problem correlate with the use of file sharing / P2P programs?.... and so on.

    From experience, routers are most commonly to blame for slow speeds. Upgrading your router's firmware may be the only recourse you have if your router is at fault. Check out D-link for more info and download the latest firmware for your router.
  3. Pearlhouse

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    Thanx Rick for the reply
    The speed on the internet is never as fast with the router in the loop.
    I will say it was probably acceptable when I first got the router and modem working together. But then the more I used the combo the slower it got til it was slower than dial up. When I would try and load a page sometimes it would just sit and spin. If I stop the load and then cliked the refresh a lot of times the page would than load, like it was ready to come up but something was holding it back. I did notice that the second PC I had running wireless from the router was actually faster than the one that had the ethernet cable.
    I played with this combo for several weeks trying every combination I could come up with as you suggested. Im back to using just the modem on one computer now and the speed is great with little or no waiting for a page to come up.
    Although Ive talked with D Link several times I guess I should check to see it there is a firmware upgrade.
    Westell gives no help or insight as they say the modem was designed specificaly for Verizon so I should talk to Verizon for help. Verizon people only know the basics of the modem operation and Ive never been able to find anybody who knew enough to be of any real help.
    Ive looked in the stores on line and around my home for another brand of modem that I might use. But I guess they dont sell DSL Phone modems. I can only find cable modems.
    Im getting ready to go back and put the router back in the loop again and reset both modem and router and start with a fresh suetup just to see if it will deteriorate again.
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