Westell DSL Modem + D-Link Ethernet Bbnd. Router

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Nov 13, 2003
  1. I just received a Westell 2100 Wirespeed Dual Connect DSL modem that I ordered. I also have a D-Link DI-604 Ethernet Broadband Router which I've been using for a while now to network the two PC's that I have.

    The Westell is up and working (which is how I am connected now). What I want to do is connect the Westell DSL modem to the D-Link DI-604 Ethernet Broadband Router (so that I can share the Internet connection, and still have a network connection between the two PC's also).

    The problem that I am encountering is whenever I hook up the
    D-Link, I cannot establish an Internet connection, nor connect to the Westell or D-Link's setup through their IP's, as if connecting the D-Link is causing some sort of blockage in the network.

    When trying this, I connect a CAT5 cable from the WAN port on the D-Link router to the ethernet port on the Westell DSL modem, and both the PC's are connected to the ports 1 and 2 of the D-Link router.

    I can ping the Westell and D-Link's IP's but I get no response. If I disconnect the D-Link router I can enter the setup of the Westell modem, if I disconnect the Westell modem and connect the D-Link then I can conncect to the D-Link's setup IP. With both connected I can't do either one.


    Note: I updated the Firmware on the Westell Wirespeed Dual Connect DSL modem and it is now up to date.
  2. acidosmosis

    acidosmosis TechSpot Chancellor Topic Starter Posts: 1,350

    Update: The Westell DSL modem needed to be set as "Bridged Ethernet" and the D-Link had to be setup for PPOE.

    In other words, it working now :).
  3. dtitty88

    dtitty88 TS Rookie


    hi i have a westell dual connect dsl modem b90-210015-04 i dont have the cd but would like to install it so i can use both the usb and the ethernet to connect anyone think they can help??? ive spent a good amount of time searching and so far everything ive found has not worked plz help Drew
  4. Nodsu

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    Why would you want to use both interfaces? The ethernet is far superior to USB and you won't be able to use them at the same time anyway.
  5. dtitty88

    dtitty88 TS Rookie


    because i have two computers adn from what ive gathered reading online if its a dual connect modem and it had the capability to act as a router as well as the modem i thought id be able to network the two pcs together using the connection with just the modem......and thats what i been tryin all day ...... so far ive got it to automaticly just werk on the pc in the livngroom but i had to do some major work to get the drives for the usb to work in my bedroom... but alas it now works on both pcs but not netoworked can only be on one at a time and thus far havent solved the issue of networking them witout having to go by a seperate router.......... any advice both systems are win 98se thanks Drew
  6. RealBlackStuff

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    Boze05, bit of a useless post isn't it?

    Dtitty88, bite the bullet and go buy yourself a router. Those modems are made to work only with one type of connection at the time: either USB by itself or Ethernet by itself.

    PS: the modem is only in there as a fallback, if the cable-service would be down. Again, you can only connect using either DSL or the modem, not both.
  7. Goalie

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    For the record- While bridging one connection was the solution, the problem most likely lay in the fact that there were two DHCP servers competing for response. This can, and usually does, cause large problems, including multiply assigned IP's (two machines on the same address- each one being valid for one server.) Having such conditions causes plenty of routing/switching problems on your internal network- The outside world really won't care, assuming you're using internal non-routeable address ranges for your local network.

    Bridging one of the connections, for relatively obvious reasons, fixes this by removing one of the DHCP servers.

    If you really really wanted to, and the devices had the capabilities, you could limit the DHCP responses on the inside networking device so that it didn't respond to the upfeed, and requested DHCP settings from the uplink.

    Very rarely is this a good/useable idea. However, it has its places.
  8. MC_MILO

    MC_MILO TS Rookie

    I have a D-link DI524 wireless router and a westell DSL modem. I've disabled the router in the modem and set up my DHCP on my D-link.

    I'm having problems setting this up for online gaming. My comp is hard-wired not wireless and is in the DMZ(open internet). I keep getting a connection interrupt regularly no matter what game I'm playing and it's long enough to lose my TS connection also.

    I've used both dslreports.com's and D-link's guide to help set up my connection and neither one has worked. I've also tried optimizing my MTU's. No luck.

    Can anyone help me plz.
  9. aboredguy

    aboredguy TS Rookie

    I have the same modem and a similar router (it was only later that I found out that I didn't need a full fledged router but only a switch since the modem can do the router thing). I fixed the situation by putting the router on it's own subnet. IE: 192.168.2.x instead of the default 192.168.1.x .
    I'm using a linksys router and this option is located on the very first screen in setup....
  10. bittergrace

    bittergrace TS Rookie

    I would love to know how to set up a bridged ethernet for the Westell/modem so that I can use my D-Link wireless router. It seems to me that Westell requires me to be in the network and the D-link requires I be in the network. I know it is just a matter of configuration but my ISP won't help once I get access to the Internet through the Westell and I've paid $30 for assistance from D-Link only to assure all of my hardware resets and reboots (very frustrating). I see where others have had the same type of problem and remedied it with a bridge ethernet but I'm clueless as how to do that. Help please.
  11. lowfreqnoise

    lowfreqnoise TS Rookie

    thanks for the reminder about subnets, friend. Solved my issue instantly, since it was the same issue... you'd think I'd have thought of it already, but I've never had the opportunity to piggy back router to router like that, except with a couple of ciscos at work that are configured on a private fractional t1 between the main office and a satellite locus.

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