Westell DSL modem/router

By joelsr
Aug 14, 2005
  1. I use verizon DSL and was sent the Westell 327W modem/router combo. It does the job nicely but has a weird problem. If I set the Westell firewall to anything above "none", it will reboot itself constantly. (I'm using Windows XP with SP2). With modem firewall set to "low", pages begin to load slowly, then not at all, then the modem power light goes red.. then power returns until the next time which comes very soon.

    Verizon has said there's nothing they can do; The Westell firewall doesn't seem to like Windows firewall (or other firewalls for that matter..ZoneAlarm didn't like the Westell firewall either.) Westell had said that my Windows firewall should be fine by itself and I didn't need the modem firewall.

    All runs fine with modem firewall set to "none" and Windows firewall happily firewalling. What good is a hardware firewall if it can't be used?

    Any ideas? My email is j_reisman@msn.com. Emails full of wisdom greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. djleyo

    djleyo TS Rookie Posts: 42

    try this

    mcafee personal firewall set it to standard security
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