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Jan 12, 2007
  1. so we got all the parts for my buddys computer and assembled it this afternoon. everything is wired right, all lights, fans, hard drives blah blah blah turn on/spin. the monitor will blink an intel "logo show" and then it cant do anything because there is no operating system. so if i try installing xp 64 bit, it gets to the part where the words scroll at the bottom, then get to installing operating system and the whole machine shuts down. ubuntu does the same thing. this machine is an core 2 duo 6400 with a 945g intel board and 1 gig dual channel 1.9v 800mhz xms corsair memory and a radeon x800 pci-e card. the hard disk is a 320 wd sata 3.0gb/s drive, its the first time ive delt with sata so i dunno if thats the problem. or my other guess would be to disable the onboard video ( but would that be a big enough of an issue to restart a system like that?

    hopefully by the weekend we'll have an xp pro disc 32 bit.

    but we need to get it doing somthing because his dad will be p/o'ed if his 900 dollar box isnt working....
  2. nismo91

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    hmm a bit weird though, i've been told that core 2 duo does not work properly with intel 945G, therefore Intel 946G is made for it. But i dunno if that was a hoax...
  3. onesmartidiot

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    woah lol we dont wanna hear that we have the wrong board, besides a 946 dosent exsist (or else i cant find it) i re-looked on newegg because i just ordered the stuff, didnt memorize it, but it looks like a 965 becuase it has all the features his has and its also blue.
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  5. onesmartidiot

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    mybad, i found 1 946 on newegg ( the number was hidden between all kinds of numbers)

    but this is a 965, and i didnt think to try the intel disc ( mainly because i didnt see it)

    but this is the FIRST out of 20 some motherboards that didnt come with a big book explaining everything, just a really big poster with pictures.
  6. onesmartidiot

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    in the bios settings it says configure sata as ide, raid, ahci. its only 1 drive and its not ide. so what is ahci?
  7. jakegerome

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    AHCI stands for "advanced host controller interface". There have been reported problems much like yours with having this enabled while first installing windows xp. disable it then try to install. If the install goes through, after updating windows try going back into bios and re-enabling it. It does yield performance gains but i would disable it when installing windows. If you must pick an option try ide.
  8. onesmartidiot

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    okay, windows xp home is installed and running well, except for the sound drivers, i made another fourm for those, but you can reply here too. (i cant install the ones from the mobo disc or intels website) its high def 7.1 audio.
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