what do i need ??

By -PunX-
Oct 14, 2005
  1. HI.

    I am running an MSI Gforce4 ti4600 card, and I would like to connect my Analogue Camcorder to my PC .

    So far I have had no joy.

    Do i need :- special drivers?
    specific software?
    Specific cables/connectors?
    A new Vid Card?
    A 10 year old to show me what I'm doing wrong?

    All/any help would be... well......helpful!

  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Welcome to TechSpot

    You need a (cheap) TV-card. Connect the camcorder to it preferably with S-Video cable, and capture / edit with a video editing application of your choice.
  3. Sharkfood

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    Hi Punx-
    Most of the MSI Geforce4 Ti4600's indeed came with VIVO (Video-in/Video-Out)... but the first series did not.

    You can tell if yours has VIVO by looking at the backplane of the card. You should see three connectors on it, kinda like so (imagining the card laying on it's side):
    [DVI-Connector] (round SVHS connector) [15-pin VGA connector]

    If it has that triple connection arrangement, it's a VIVO model with capture.

    Now, the middle/round SVideo connector is actually a proprietary jack. The card sold originally with a small, pig-tail dongle that plugs into the middle round/svideo hole. It's basically a small, black Y-shaped cable with two SVideo connectors on one end, and a single round/svideo connector on the other. This is the VIVO adapter. If you do not have this original adapter, you wont be able to capture with the board.

    If you do have the Y-cable/adapter, plug it into the card (with the computer powered off) and look carefully at the two-side end. Each connector has a little raised arrow in the plastic for the direction of video. For capturing, look for the one with arrow pointing inwards (flows towards the videocard).. or like "-->". This is where you'll need to plug your camcorder's SVideo to the card. If your camcorder doesn't have svideo, you can buy an svideo to composite adapter at electronics stores or radio shack for a couple bucks.

    As far as drivers go, you can get the latest WDM drivers for the capture component of the videocard at:

    Install those drivers and after rebooting, in the Device Manager you should be able to find the Geforce video capture, tuner, etc.etc. (ignore the tuner- the capture chip NVidia uses also has a tuner on the chip, but they never implemented actual TV).

    From there, you can use any capture software- including MovieMaker that comes with Windows, AmCap (use google) which is a free capture program, or any professional third party capture/video editing software (Power Director Pro, Pinnacle Studio, etc.etc.). If you also want to capture audio from your camcorder, you should by a phono jack to two RCA adapter (again, at most A/V, electronics stores or Radio Shack) for like $5 and run the left/right audio to that adapter, plugging the phono end into the LINE-IN or MICROPHONE-IN on your soundcard.

    Good luck!
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