What does the U mean in 3200U

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Nov 22, 2005
  1. What does the U mean in 3200U RAM

    might be a stupid question, but i've asked all my workmates (IT department), ive searched online, cant find anything

    what does the U mean in 3200U, or 2700U or whatever.

    was thinking unregistered or unbuffered, and i think i recall seeing a 2700R somewhere around.....may be mistaken


    edit - whoops its in regard to RAM modules :eek:

    ie a 512 mb of 266hz 3200U or something
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    What is this in reference to?

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  3. The u in 3200.........

    As far as i am aware, the U stands for Unbuffered, and the R stands for Registered. They have given them different names as they should not be fitted together, as they are not compatible with each other.

    Hope this helps. :wave:

  4. Cliaz

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    Cool, thats kinda what i thought but i wasnt sure.
    So basically, because the standard is unbuffered (isnt it?), a 3200U module will still be compatible with a 3200......theyve just given some extra info

    also, looks like a great forum, glad i found it
  5. superden

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    Having kinda same problem...
    Wanted to upgrade my RAM to 1GB and purchased another 512mb. But somehow it doesn't work with absolutely same parameters.

    I had Samsung 512mb PC3200U 400Mhz DDR 30031-Z,
    the one I bought Samsung 512mb PC3200 400Mhz DDR 2.5V Non-Parity Non-ECC 184-pin.

    The only difference is f$#^&ing letter "U", which means Unbuffered (Thanks to AmDuSeR) now I know!
    My question is will I be able make it work somehow in my comp?
    Comp starts with only 3200U installed in either slot (I have 2), and won't if there 3200 "not U" or either both of them.
    I couldn't find any usefull information about Buffered/Unbuffered DDR and their compatibility myself.
    Any help will be appreciated!
  6. superden

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    Well, I see one more diference now. My old one 3.0V (30031) and new one 2.5
    Damn... I thought I know something! Couldn't imagine it's so complicated! How come it did fit perfectly in the same slot? It must be different! WIERD!!!
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