What for 275$?

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Feb 14, 2006
  1. So I won a GeForce 7800GT or 275$ at NewEgg here, and I'm not sure of what I'm going to do.

    I have a P3 800MHz so I guess I'll take the 275$ instead... (The XP 2000+ doesn't count, my brother is rooted to the chair in front of it, that's fun especially since I'm the one who invested 800$ on it -- while he spent 100$)

    What about this ?
    MSI K8NGM2-L (With GeForce 6100 NB)
    AMD Athlon 64 3200+
    Leadtek TV2000XP/EXPERT (TV-tuner card)

    I'll then buy say... 512MB of OCZ PC3200 RAM for 60$ at my local store.

    I'll probably pull out the Audigy 2 ZS and Asus CDRW from the Athlon XP and put older generic hardware in it. Now I have to get an HDD...

    I guess that the GF6 is sufficient for a non-gamer like me?

    Last minute update -- I just read that the mobo has problems with Linux. Other suggestion?
  2. Mirob

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  3. DragonMaster

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    Thx! Also to the ones who replied in the headline comments!

    Also, thanks for the suggestion. I might be able to get something else with that...

    43$ for the Refurb BIOSTAR,
    36$ for the Refurb Leadtek,
    169$ for the A64 3200
    27$ spare
    - 256MB of RAM? Nah! Prefer getting a bar of 512MB for 50$ locally -- unless I can pay the extras to the 275$
    - A PSU? Or will a 250W ATX or two be able to feed that?
    - A mice?
  4. Mirob

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    I don't know anything about linux.

    Most 250w PSUs don't have a four pin 12v P4 connecter(AMD needs it too now.) They use the 5V rail to supply the CPU, like older Athlons and P3s. Also now mobos have 24pin ATX2 connectors. I think this will do;
    looks like a Aspire, but has a real PSU. :hotbounce

    It's in my cart, with the Biostar waiting for me to buyt it.
  5. DragonMaster

    DragonMaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 327

    -It's a LOT beefier than Win98 with KDE.(The interface that IMO looks better than XP and OS X)
    -Easier to learn than Windows for people that never touched a computer.
    -If you have a CD to lose, you could try Knoppix, fun to see a bit of Linux. Also, it has NTFS resize, etc. tools so it can be useful!

    Mmmm! Looks good! But I don't know if I can pay the extras to the 275$ if it costs more. I don't want to pay UPS if buying from NewEgg(Might be at least 60$ + hidden customs brokerage fees!) Front USB, firewire, sound, temp, love that!


    I just have to buy Molex connectors with pins I think... Or maybe a wire adapter?

    And a case... DIY it with ¾" MDF?
  6. Mirob

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    Kinda scary riging up those PSUs.
    Check this out;
    BIOSTAR TForce6100 Socket 754 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail
    with that you get $10 of a cpu, like this(okay)
    AMD Sempron 64 2500+ Palermo 800MHz FSB 256KB L2 Cache Socket 754 Processor - Retail

    and a good PSU like,
    FSP Group (Fortron Source) ATX400-PA, version 2.0, SATA, 400W Power Supply - OEM
    +no risking the refurb bin. I had to send back on mobo form there because of a bad Vcore regulater circut, and I kept one with a blown PS2 mouse port(useing a USB one.)
  7. DragonMaster

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    Hi Mirob,

    PSUs are not a problem for me. I could build one if I want ;-)
  8. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 478

    I have my Biostar Tforce6100-939. I'm like'n it. I have had my 3200+ Venice E3 up to 2.9ghz! Can't get this mobo to do 300Htt yet. :)
    I have never needed to clear CMOS ever! It does it it's self. :bounce:
    I realy like all the overclocking in one page of BIOS setup, and MEMTEST86 in the BIOS EPROM!
    I've had a few problems I can deal with. I do wish I bought the retail one.
    It would not boot the Windows MCE05 CD on the secondary IDE, had to force feed audio drivers form my Asrock's CD and I had problems getting a temp monitor to work. But it's working great now! :cool:
  9. DragonMaster

    DragonMaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 327

    Read some other topics, you told you would have prefered not to get the refurb. version. I finally went with a DFI RS482 mobo, 2x512MB Corsair ValueRAM and a LiteON Lightscribe DVD burner.
  10. Mirob

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  11. twite

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    just curious..how did you win it?
  12. DragonMaster

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    Techspot's New Year's contest(There were 4 winners). You had to post news comments and they selected the best ones.

    The prize was either an nV 7800GT or 275$ at NewEgg. Since I have no computer with a PCIeX slot, I decided to go with a the 275$. (In fact, my father just got one a week before the contest ended, but I didn't know what I would have done with the X1600Pro) Also, I'm not really playing games(Rarely, but maybe a computer with nice specs could help ;-) ).
  13. Mirob

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    I realy would like to have the accessories and a longer warenty. I void warentys anyway, but 15 days is too short to try everthing out. I think it's too many problems for a real noob. I don't thick of you as a noob, but the thread you read was by a one.
  14. DragonMaster

    DragonMaster TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 327

    Oh, OK. Also they always seem to have something that's not working with the RFB'd mobos.

    I would seem as one for my age though. (But I etch PCBs and should start programming microcontrollers in a few weeks)

    Just looked at your profile, you build speakers and play music? I'm just building a pair of speakers and play music!
  15. Mirob

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    No, I can't play. I listen. I design and build speaker cabnets. I have a few years of electronics, and some programing from a Tech collage back when I was in high school. I built some computers there too. That was 17 years ago.

    My mom kicked my dad out when I was 10 and me when I was 15. I lived with a friend. I thank God for his parents. After graduation I moved and got a job in construction. I was wasted on drugs for well over 10 years. Then I found Jesus. I've not been the same since.

    Now I have four tendinitises and a bulging disc in my back, and numerous perscriptions for pain killers. I'm not addicted to any, I only use what I need.

    Life is good anyway. Four boys, a wonderfull wife, house, car, truck, and more computers than I know what to do with. The American dream. :)
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