What games can I run with my current setup

Hi, I'm new to PC gaming and only have a few, low quality, free games. I was wanting to know what games I could run with these following specs.

CPU: Intel Core i7 870 2.93 GHz
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GT 710 DirectX 12
Storage: 2TB Internal Hard Drive
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise

Thank you for your time.


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I know this is not what you are asking, but I'll say it anyways. If you spend 100-150€ to buy an entry level GPU you can play pretty much anything at ~high quality settings at 30 fps, probably better than a PS4 / Xbox. Maybe a little bit of overclocking on your CPU, and you will be absolutely fine. With the GPU you currently have, it's gonna be tough on AAA games.

Now what games you can play, LOL / Dota 2 / cs go and generally all competitive multiplayer games. But you'll need to set setting at very ultra in order to achieve playable fps.