What happens if I exceed maximum memory?

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Aug 8, 2005
  1. hello everyone i just bought some ram(1gb) my computer only supports 1gb maximum memory so is it on if i put 1256mb inside? Thanks
  2. puppetgrimm1

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    You might want too try using a memory multiplyer if you can find one "I dont know if they still make them or not" they where popular when memory was only 4mb or 16mb etc...I am not sure if it will work with anything more then 4mb - 16mb of memory

    Anyway good luck!
  3. Blakhart

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    What happens if I exceed maximum memory?

    Everything gets reallllllllllly slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    If you have disabled the pagefile, or set it to a static size, you can expect a crash.

    Durrrrr, just actualy read the thread starter. If you exceed the maximum memory allowed by the mobo you will end up with the stated limit, a fraction thereof, or the system won't boot. It won't allow more than the stated total to be used or recognised. My above ignorant statement was regarding what happens when you run more apps than you have memory for.
  4. AtK SpAdE

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    Exceeding the maxium RAM is not a good idea. Just keep you 1gb, as that should be enough for todays applications.

  5. ChineseTechie

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    Depending on how your mobo is set up. For example, I had a mobo that only takes 512M of ram and I put a stick of 128 and a stick of 512. The mobo didn't recognize the 512 and was running as if there's only 128 and things were really slow... like lag every 2 seconds. It's not recommended to go over the max amount of ram. It will just make it worse. I gig is more than enough, only servers or 3d animations would need more ram than that.

  6. bob1

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    Just to be sure..

    I have a dell dimension 2400 max memory 1gb.

    I have a 512 and 128 in there, with only 2 memory slots.

    If I wanted to have 1gb of memory, I would have to buy the 1gb and scrap the other 2 I have in there?

    I wouldn't just be able to buy another 512 and put it in the 128's slot?

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can reply.
  7. hewybo

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    You can buy another stick of 512, and sell/trade the 256. One thing, sometimes mismatched (brand) memory sticks don't play nice together. I've never had a problem that way, but the people who know stuff recommend that you try to have "matched" sticks, so you might try to buy another one like you've already got in there. :grinthumb
  8. sc0obydo0

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    this was deleted
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