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What Hard Drive Am I Supposed To Get?

By Totylee ยท 7 replies
Jul 8, 2005
  1. Hey...I dont know much about HDs....what hard drive am I supposed to get?
    How can I tell what kind and model is my actual hard drive?
    I have a 40 gig one and wanna put a 2nd bigger one, but I dont know what speed, etc...does the number 7200 means something? there are many speeds etc, but I dont know how can I tell which one will my Motherboard support.
    I check properties, but I cant tell....

  2. Kaziglubey

    Kaziglubey TS Rookie

    First and foremost you already have a 20 gb, so most motherboards that support that size also support a hdd twice that size so you can put a 40 gb if you want. 7200 refers to the speed of the hdd in rpms (like a record player) the faster the hdd, the faster it works. Nowadays, any brand of hdd will work, the most popular being Western Digital and Maxtor. If you want a bigger hdd than 40 gb, you need to find out the model of your mobo and check the mfr web site. Just find yourself a decently priced 40 gb hdd and you should be ok. hope that helps.
  3. Totylee

    Totylee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hey, im sorry, I shouldnt have said 7200. I dont even know what speed I have...I just threw that number cause I see it in the stores, so I know it means something, but I dont know whats mine.
    I got a pretty fast computer, and one time, someone even tried intalling a HDD but he couldnt because of some pins or something? I dont know...
    so pretty much any HDD nowadays will work u say? how can I see my HDD speed?
  4. Totylee

    Totylee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    By the way, I found out what MOBO is.

    Its a PC CHips M952 (I heard its crappy...)

    In physical drve, It says its a WDC WD400EB-11CFO (37 gb) whatever that means.

    Im started using Everest. Thats where my results are in.
  5. Kaziglubey

    Kaziglubey TS Rookie

    The reason most people get confused at installing a 2nd hdd along with a WD is because of jumper pin configuration. The main hdd (the one with the Operating system) is set to single by default from the factory. you need to remove the jumpers and set it to master (all WD hdd come with 2 jumpers) and when you get another hdd to add on to it, you have to make sure the jumper is set to slave. As far as i know WD are the only ones with 2 jumpers. All the rest have only 1. Once the hdd is out there is a label on top of it that shows you the configuration of the hdd jumpers to set it to master, slave, etc. Hope that helps. =)
  6. Kaziglubey

    Kaziglubey TS Rookie

    In actuallity that is an ECS mobo =( (not the greatest) but it does support a high end processor so that means you can put a fairly decent sized hdd on it as well. you can go with a 160-180 GB with no problems (as long as you're using Windows XP). Most hdds nowadays are 7200 rpms, the other option is 10000 rpms, but remember that the whole computer will run as fast as the slowest component, so getting a 10000 rpm drive may not be the best idea. But its really up to you. Aslo the "WDC WD400EB-11CFO" is just the model number. Hope that helps =)
  7. Totylee

    Totylee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your info...there are lots of things that got clear. So, if I want to get an extra HDD (just for slave and info, no system, win,) What possition of the jumper do I have to put it in? I can put and shift it in different ways, right? I dont know if should I leave a space or 2, 3? I hope u understand what I mean...It gets really technical here for me...
    Its almost fun to discover how this computers work...there's somehting so deep about it and its really interesting. Ive been installing my video card and it was also a PITA, a Power supply, but HDD I think its just messed up cause someone came and tried, but couldnt figure out,.Is there any way to make sure that there is one type of HDD that never fails? speed or model?

    again, thank you man.
  8. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,729   +409

    If you get another one the jumper settings depend where you hook it up. You don't normally want to put a 2nd hard drive on the same IDE ribbon as your original hard drive.
    So if at all possible I would set it on the 2nd IDE ribbon (the one your cd drive is hooked up to) and put the HD as master and the CD as slave. But it will work if you leave the cd as master and set the hd as slave.
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