What hard drive is the best?

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Sep 28, 2004
  1. Reccomendtions on hard drives?
  2. Julio Franco

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    I will recommend do some research on the latest models available from the bigger manufacturers, what I can recommend is to spend on a 10,000 rpm drive. If you are looking for performance, the extra cash is worth it IMO.
  3. young&wild

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    It would be helpful if you can provide roughtly what purpose is hard drive is for and also your budget for the hard drive.
  4. Nodsu

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    Yes. It would sort of help to know what you want.

    There is no universal solution. You may be looking for best price or biggest capacity or expandability or highest throughput or fastest access times or cool looks or whatever. There is no device that can give you the best in more than one category.
  5. Mikael

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    Yes, what everyone else said: more details! :)

    Personally, I am a fan of Western Digital and Maxtor hard drives. Right now, I don't really have much of a need for a 10,000 RPM hard drive, so I don't bother getting one. :) :dead:

    Also, if you are going to give us more details about what you're looking for, please don't forget to include how much money you are willing to spend. That is usually very crucial. :D
  6. SMA

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    I stopped using Western Digital a while back because they seemed to defect a lot, but recently I saw that they had brought our an award winning drive so maybe they got better.

    I was using Maxtor but now their drives defunct a lot. I am having to replace one right now that lost it's fat system and became unformatted. A local custom built computer source reported that they had stopped using Maxtor because Maxtor has gone down hill. That is actually why I am asking. The Maxtor drive is in warranty so I will just have it replaced but I would like to know what the buzz is about hard drive manufacturers for future reference.

    I don't know what the pros and cons are on 10000 MP drives or how big a price difference we are talking about.

    I use my computer for graphics, accounting, and publishing both on the web and off.

    I figure this would be a useful conversation for every one and I just want to be more educated about the pros and cons of hard drives for different types of use.
  7. daayglow

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    hard drive

    I found out through experience that the longer the warranty the better the hard drive, however the cost goes up.

    Heat is a big enemy of electronic components, but the faster the spin (4200 to 15000) the more heat is produced. You will need to keep that hard drive along with other system components cool.

    1. Get the biggest and fastest hard drive with the longest warranty you can afford.
    2. Off brands need not apply.
    3. Keep your system at an acceptable operating temperature (get more fans, or a better case, etc...)

    Sometimes you have to see for yourself what is out there
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