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What is a friendly motherboard to radeon 9800xt's?

By badsearcher
Mar 15, 2005
  1. Specifically gigabyte radeon 9800 xt's. I have an ecs 648fx-a which is a socket 478 motherboard that supports at least 2.6 ghz p4, 800 fsb and hyperthreading. It is an alright motherboard but unfortunately (before you ask, my radeon 9800xt is not the problem, because it did the same exact thing with a radeon 9800 pro I had before) when I activate agp (by installing the agp drivers, I deactivate agp by disabling in directx) it will sometimes crash during regular work and always crash during ANY kind of direct 3d gaming. So what motherboard would you recommend that I don't have to worry about these problems?

    Is there any kind of database in which I can look up what motherboards are compatible to what videocards?

    Thank you in advance.

    p.s. One of the solutions to video card crashes that I've read on this forum was to increase the agp voltage, which is not something that I can do on my motherboard. Go figure.
  2. +Pepper+

    +Pepper+ TS Rookie

    I know that that 9xxx line of ATI cards had a particular issue with some MOBOs that could be fixed by disabling "fast write".

    Maybe try it.
  3. badsearcher

    badsearcher TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried everything that I could that has been mentioned on this forum in relevance to this issue, and none of it had any significant degree of success, so I want to get a new motherboard, and I want to get one with which I can have some degree of certainty will work with the radeon 9800.
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