What is a good case?

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Feb 15, 2007
  1. So I've just been browsing through newegg, and I am trying to figure out what would be a good case. I'm considering two right now, and they might be...

    Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

    Very nice, THREE 120mm fans AND a top 200mm fan for ultimate CPU coolage.


    XCLIO A380 Silver SECC 1.0mm thickness ATX Full Tower Computer Case

    .... you're kidding me right? That's not a computer case, that's a dead silent jet engine! With two 250mm fans and a rear 120mm fan[not included] that's one huge cooling system. Don't get too close to the front fan my rabbit, it'll suck you right in!


    Antec Performance One P180 Silver cold rolled steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
    3 x 120mm Fans, with an option to add two more! Now that's good cooling, 5 x 120mm fans working together at once? Sounds like good airflow!


    Sunbeam Transformer IC-TR-BA Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case

    Not bad I guess, 1 120mm rear fan, one front 120mm fan[not included] two 80mm side fans, one 80 mm top fan, looks pretty cool, exceptionally well budget case.

    Something you pick?

    So what would be a good case? Antec is around 150, xclio is around 110, sunbeam around 80 dollars, and antec performance around 130. Shipping not added into that price, probably adds around 20 dollars extra. What do YOU think seems like a good case? [Note, I may or may not buy any of these, I'm just browsing around to see if anything is worthwhile to splurge...]
  2. agi_shi

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    Haha, definitely the XCLIO case. 2 250mm fans both blowing 150CFM ain't bad. Just kidding, it's AWESOME.
  3. ambivolent

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    thats the case im looking at buying right now, it seems to get a good deal of reviews
  4. dmill89

    dmill89 TS Guru Posts: 475

    My personal choice would be one of the Antecs due to their exceptionaly high quality and good airflow. The bigest problem with the XCLIO is the avalibility of replacement fans. 250mm fans are hard to find and the ones included with the case are not the greatest quality. the XCLIO also has a plastic front door that is prone to berakage. The Antec Performance One P180 has a strong metal door and hinge. The Antec Nine Hundred has no door and the mesh front would allow extremly good airflow to all components. the Antecs also use use stantard 120mm fans which are easy to find and the included ones are of good quality, so they are unlikely to need replacement.
  5. Tedster

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    A good case provides ample room for all your components, is sturdy, provides good ventilation, and is athetically pleasing and also fits your budget.

    There are literally thousands of cases out there. If you're hard up on cash, go to a salvage shop and get an old case. Consider repainting it before you install anything in it.
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