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Jul 29, 2005
  1. I recently bought a new case, new heatsink/fan for CPU and GPU.
    The GPU fan and heatsink went on well, the CPU HS/Fan didnt go on as well, mainly becuase I couldnt get the old backplate off. Also, when I removed to old HS/Fan the CPU came right out of the socket, no pins where bent, the bottom looked perfect. I guess I was lucky. So after I figured out I couldnt get the old backplate off, I decided the old screwmounts would work fine with the new HS/Fan. So I just screwed the old HS/Fan into the existing screwholes untill it was laying perfectly ontop of the CPU. I also put Artic silver 5 on. I was kind of weary becuase I wasnt using the backplate that zalman provided, but The cpu was on there pretty good.

    After I got my motherboard in the case and everything else in I decided to turn it on to see if it works (no monitor attached). It fired up and all the fans started spinning, the harddrive made some noise and the HDD led and power led lit up. I thought that it must have worked. I took it and set it up with the monitor... But nothing showed on the screen this time. The computer looks like it is working by looking inside the case, but no output on the monitor. Also, I touched the base of the CPU/heatsink... no heat emitted. It doesn't heat up as one would think a working CPU would.

    What is, most likely the problem?

    I was thinking...
    Broken MB
    Broken CPU

    All help is appreciated; feel free to ask any questions.

  2. zephead

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    what do you mean whne you say the cpu came out of the socket? what cou, mobo, and socket are you working with here?
  3. glowingnissan07

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    i know what thats like...

    I had a similar thing happen, but not because of trading Heatsinks and CPU fans. Twice actually. First time was i put in a processer that didnt belong to it. Stupid mistake. Hard lesson. I could smell the smoke.

    After I got my new PC, decided to add RAM to it that was wrong type. Stupid Mistake. Hard lesson. burnt mark on the RAM slots.

    Both cases the symptoms are the same tho.

    The fans spin, the power LEDs light up and the HDD lights up, the monitor has power but no signal is being sent, and nothing happens with the keyboard(lights).

    After a few times, the H.D.D which usually stays on the whole time, will just shut off, and all ull get when u turn on ur PC is a power light and your fan spinning.

    THe thing with the ram was directly on the MB so i had to replace it, which is better than replacing a CPU.

    with ur case, im not quite cuz it seems like u might've done something with your processor. Often the problem lies where you were working. But the thing is, your hard disks wouldnt be spinning if your CPU is busted (usually)

    MY guess is your CPU is messed up, which theres nothing you can do about.
    But if you need to, go to neweggs.com and try to get another MB. That way, if the MB was the problem then you wont have to waste $500 on a new CPU. BUT if your CPU is the problem, you'll have thrown away $40.
  4. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 231

    Sounds like cpu or motherboard to me... I would say cpu as the first guess.

    What type cpu/motherboard you dealing with/ SCREWS?????? most processors i have seated were attached to the chipset via a small metal clip.

    i would say you probably used to much arctic silver, or you damaged the core when you screwed the heatsink fan onto it.
  5. thmandan22

    thmandan22 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 59

    Found the problem... It was the Motherboard. CPU is fine.
    Lucky me!
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