what is caslatency

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Mar 23, 2005
  1. vnf4ultra

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    Cas is how fast the ram is. Lower is better. The first number is most important. If they only state one number, then it's the first one. 2 is best, then 2.5, then 3. T1 is good, T2 is bad.

    This stuff is as fast as the xms but 70$ less. g. skill
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    thanks, so bios detects this automatily, rite. and all mobo's thses days are jumperess rite????
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    The bios detects it automatically. Sometimes it isn't detected right(rare circumstances) and you have to go into the bios and manually change it. It depends on what you mean by jumperless. My board has several jumpers, but none for memory or cpu. I have a clear cmos jumper and an enable wake on mouse/keyboard jumper, etc.
  4. swker98

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    yea, thanks for the reply, and are all LGA 775 mobos jumperless, like only cmos jumper and 1 or 2 others
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    When memory is accessed first the memory location is looked up and then it is retrieved Latency is like an average of how long it takes to access the memory location. The lower the value the better. Memory can be quite complicated. To make it faster the MEMORY locations are in Logical banks of memory and the memory is written into locations in order of the banks used so if you have 5 bits of memory they are written all to different banks 1,2,3,4, etc. This speeds it up a bit.
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