What is Dump physical memory?Help pls.

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Jan 10, 2007
  1. Hi hello Im a neophyte here hope somebody would help me thanks. What is Dump Physical memory?. Because when Im installing my windows XP sp1 to my computer over half of the files of the XP cd is completed and there's a message came up to my monitor saying that Dump physical memory etc.. and my pc gets restarted. all of my finished installed files were all gone and after rebooting, the message prompted in my monitor saying installation restarted something like that.. this means that my pc memory getting busted?? or?????..

    Please tell me. Thanks alot and more power.

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    First of all, welcome to Techspot!

    Ok.. to help you, we really need more information. On the blue screen that says "Dumping physical memory" there should be file names, memory/hex addresses, etc. We need to know the technical detail to help you further.

    What is happening is what we famously call "BSOD" (Blue Screen of Death). It means there has been a critical error that cannot be recovered from. This sometimes can be worked around, and other times cannot. The technical details will help point us to the cause of that crash, and possibly indicate a solution.

    One thing to try for sure is be sure your CD is clean. A corrupt or missing file can cause the problems that you describe- which can be caused by not being able to read it off of a cd.

    Also, can you please let us know what hardware you are using? Motherboard, ram, cpu, video, hard drive, etc. That will also help us help you. (Also, please read the posting guidelines in the top of this forum- if you can, change the subject of your post! That will help avoid incurring the wrath of moderators who can do worse things than just chide you. ;) )
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    You have something defective in the Windows Install, the install disc, the memory, hard drive, power supply or CPU fan. It can be any of those but memory is most frequent.
    Write down all the wording, or photograph it, then do a Google search with the key parts to help narrow it down.
  4. Goalie

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    Raybay.. is there anything in your post that added to the conversation here? I think it's pretty obvious it's either a software or hardware issue. And it's pretty obvious that google can be used.

    Ok, you said that memory was a frequent offender. I didn't mention that relatively obvious thing that friendlyfire had already accounted for.

    Now, if you're going to mention that, you might as well provide a useful link and suggest that they download the program there and try running it over night. Friendlyfire: That link goes to Memtest86+, a memory testing program. Let it run overnight, and it'll tell you if there are possible memory errors. (There are false positives, but not common.)

    Provide us with the information I asked for the first time, and the results of MemTest86+ if you run it, and we'll do what we can for you.
  5. friendlyfire

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    Thanks guys but the problem is that the pc that Im refering is in the office.most common hours of work their was 8 hours per day. So I cant test that overnight. and also sad to say that when I saw that physical memory error I accidentally press the enter buttom not even reading the hex code etc. after that It never appeared in the screen. now I was wondering if that error is related in the memory? or in the motherboard? or in the program that I was installing?.does the windows that I already installed maybe at risk or not?.

    Thanks for the efforts that you guys inserted in my question.
    Long Live techspot!!!
  6. N3051M

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    dump physical memory = the action windows takes when it encounters a problem, it takes a snapshot of what was running in the system a split second before it went down, and saves it on the drive (if enabled).

    Look in C:\windows\minidump folder and you should find some files with the extension .dmp Post here if you want an analysis.

    If you're having trouble installing XP from a fresh formated system, open up the pc and take out all the extras, so your left with a barebones setup - cpu/mobo, power, audio/visual, 1 ram, 1 hdd, 1 optical drive and try installing on that.

    If you think it is RAM, then follow my signature link below on instructions how to. It is a very long process, but even if you hit some errors before the recommended 7 passes, then yes you have a problem. At least give it a run for an hour or so.

    I say grab a coffee and a paper, or bring some distractions because the memtest will take a while.
  7. mjk

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    I am also having the Blue Screen of Death on Start up and it takes forever to reboot. I get the "Beginning of Dump of Physical Memory" also. I bought this computer in June 2006 and already had to bring it back once to get software reinstalled, which they charged me for despite a fancy warranty. I want to figure out what the problem is before bringing it in so they don't rip me off. I appreciate any help that you have to offer. How do I send you the minidump file? PLEASE HELP ME!!
  8. Tedster

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    boot memtest 86+ from a floppy to test your ram. any errors are bad. run for at least 7 passes.
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