What is "Infinite Loop" error

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Mar 19, 2002
  1. Infinite Loop

    What is an infinite loop error, and how does it affect playing the games?
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    Check --> here

    Next time PLEASE use the search feature :dead:
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    Yes use the search feature.

    If you have the infinite loop error you will know. It affects gaming by killing your entire system until reboot.
  4. uncleel

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    Search Feature is Your Friend

    Upgraded from PCI Voodoo 3 to AGP GeForce 2 and PC now locks up

    GF3 TI 500 System crashes

    Eliminating the nVidia Infinite Loop error (TI500)

  5. YumYumDonut

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  6. skepper

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    nvMax has an infinite loop fix feature.

    i resolved an inifinite loop problem on my pc last nite, & will post my solution as soon as i figure out exactly what i did that fixed it :)

    After an infuriating barrage of problems and errors, I ended up low level reformatting & everything seems to work fine, no tweaking required.
    UPDATE2: Except i had to disable my network card in device manager.
  7. gabbana

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    Re: Infinite Loop

    I once suffered from infinite loop errors, and no matter what I tried, it couldn't be fixed, although I thank everyone that put some ideas forward. It turned out that the root of my problem was a faulty DIMM. How did I discover this?..

    I was installing XP for about the 4 millionth time, wishing I still had my P200 and original 3dfx card, when the XP installer hung. the blue screen of death appeared with some crazy nonsense about IRQ port failures. I then found, somewhere on the MS website, this error, and the cause likely to be faulty memory. I initially removed one of the 2, 256mb DDR DIMMS, and the problem remained, so I removed the other one, replacing the original, and voila, no more problem, and it totally eradicated the infinite loop error as well.

    Speaking to different people from end users, to management at major computer manufacturers the problem I had is, unfortunatley, not an isolated incident, it seems when memory used to cost £300 for 4mb, it was built with care which would be expected when paying such high prices. Now when a 512mb DIMM costs just over £95, huge problems are arising. Don't get me wrong, I fully apprieciate the drop in price, I waited long enough for it. It's just where memory is concerned, it is nigh-on impossible to tell if you have a bad stick, unless it doesn't register on your system at all. There are very few tests that will show any fault, and in the case of myself, the infinite loop error was the only symptom of the fault. I tried various burn in tests, all showing nothing.

    There is light at the end of this tunnel though. The memory, which I had bought from Crucial was replaced by themselves within a week, this was done through snail-mail, so it was quite an impressive turn-around.:p
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    I've been getting the infinite loop problem (yes I'm sure, it said so at the BSOD). I've reformatted my C: drive several times now, trying various combinations of Windows versions (ME, XP) and graphics card drivers (the ones XP automatically installs, the ones on the CD that came with the card, and the newest from Nvidia), and my computer still freezes whenever I try to run a 3D application without specifying "force software." Even then, some applications (ex: Rogue Spear) refuse to work. I'm thinking my Ti 4200 has gone bad on me after a year and a half... Any thoughts?
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    You can try the following:
    get the latest Bios update for your Motherboard and test your system.
    Make sure you have an adequate power supply.
    Disable or enable AGP fast write and test your system.
    Set your memory settings in the BIOS less aggressively and test

    You already said you have tried various driver versions. Did you completely remove each set before installing another?
  10. Phantasm66

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  11. mousepadguy793

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    Things had been working perfectly for over a year until a couple weeks ago and stopped for no apparent reason (no settings changed, software loaded, etc) I'll try updating my BIOS. I've never heard of an "AGP fast write" option before, but I'll see what it does, and I'll be sure to play with my memory. I not only completely removed the old drivers, I formatted my c: drive since there wasn't anything to lose yet. I'll go try playing with some settings now. Wish me luck!
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