What is Private Discussion Forum ?

By uncleel
Mar 5, 2002
  1. Q What is Private Discussion Forum ?
    Private Discussion Forum is as the name implies; " a Private Forum."

    Q For 3DS Staff members & guests only?!
    Yes, Administrators, Staff, Moderators, & "Guests" being defined as "Forum Leaders".

    Q What is discussed there?
    Basically 3DS business. TOS Violations are recorded & discussed along w/other edit, delete, & closing of threads. It's pretty boring stuff, despite the "Famous secret tread everyone is talking about... " which was designed to inject some humor.

    Q How do I become a Forum Leader?
    First you must demonstrate that you are a person of good character, w/ a combination of qualities & attributes, that would allow you to oversee the forum w/ competency and dependability.

    Basically the way it works is, "We notice you!"
    You are recruited due to the:
    * Quality of your posts & answers.
    * Your attitude. (friendly, helpful, & genuine)
    * Your forum leadership & management skills.
    * Your loyality to 3DS.

    Then we discuss your profile & your potential! We might chat w/ you via PM, ICQ, or IRC to get to know you better.
    Then if the majority of Forum Leaders agree, with Administrator approval, you're admitted to PDF & are now "in the pool" from which mods are drawn.


    Being a Moderator...

    P.S. Now that you understand, there's no need to email & pm the staff & administrator for questions concerning entry to PDF.
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    Can't you make this sticky?
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    I have closed this thread because I believe Uncleel said all that needed to be said.
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