What is System Restore

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Mar 14, 2005
  1. Yes I am not very experienced with computers. Eh. :dead:

    My XP Professional Profile has been disappearing, more details can be found at the other thread I started on that, and I was wondering if System Restore might help that.

    So... what is System Restore?
  2. gbradshawii

    gbradshawii TS Rookie

    Is this something that has just recently started? What you can do is pick a point in the past when everyone was working like it was supposed to, and use a restore point to restore your system back to that previous time. That should help. I think that option may be under System Restore.
  3. Servat8s

    Servat8s TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Would that delete any programs that I installed before that restore point?

    Btw, the option was turned off... I don't know if that means anything. Gah! I hate beeing such a newbie.
  4. gbradshawii

    gbradshawii TS Rookie

    No, it wouldn't delete any programs.
  5. Servat8s

    Servat8s TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for your help. :D
  6. Darth_Terra1

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    you should be aware although it wont remove any programs before the restore point it does remove any programs that were installed after the restore point, so if you have any programs that you have recently installed after the restore point i would make sure you have the discs for them or back them up before doing the restore.
  7. TS | Thomas

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