What is the best internet service on the market?

By layitdown33
Aug 9, 2006
  1. I have SBC right now and im not happy. I want to switch. I need to know who offers the best service/price/ support for my dollars. I dont want any BS when I call them for Tech support and I would like to have Virus protection provided with the company. Some of these companies have bad lines where bugs leak through all the time. I live in the Milwaukee area so it would have to be something that reaches here. If I can I would like to do with having to have a lan line in my home. *I have a room mate and we can give a Sh*t about having a house phone, thats what cell phones are for. So if any of you can shoot me some good advice or recommend something good I would thank you...It may be a few days before I can check this because my piece of sh*t internet is not working. I have to go to the public library or to school just to use it.

    Im so Furious right now!!
  2. Tedster

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    been using roadrunner for a while - it's good but pricy. Never rely on online virus protection. You need to have anti-virus on your own system.
  3. Samstoned

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    most likly all have bad support these days
    I remember you can call verizon or stargate and not wait mor'n a min ot 2 now
    it takes 2 min to get throught the voice menu
    then a wait time of 5 to 20 min.
    cable a little better ,but if you did not rent equip. from them no help
    so weigh your needs
    speed ,cost service last very last uptime is not much of issue these days
    if you can get fiber optics thats the best deal verizon has it in some area's here
    at 49.00 a month 20mb speed
    my cable is 42.00 at 6mb
    all areas are diff as I can't get SBC in the pitts
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