What is the best Network Router to use

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Feb 13, 2006
  1. :wave: Can anyone tell me which would be the best wireless router to use as I am shortly going to network my daughters PC so that she has access to the Internet. I have to go this route as I do not particularly want to pay the cost of having another phone line connected.
    Grateful if anyone can supply me with any information at all.
  2. toffeapple

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    you dont actually need a router..a wireless acess point will do the trick just attach to your exsisting router through one of the LAN ports
  3. Nodsu

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    That is if he actually has an existing router :)

    Brands you might want to consider: Linksys, Netgear, SMC, D-Link
    Avoid the El Cheapo (TM) makers like Buffalo, Micronet, TrendNET etc.

    You want a device with two antennas, preferrably removable.

    Mind you, if you currently have dialup or broadband connection through a USB modem, then you can't use a router to share your internet connection and a wireless access point with Windows ICS is the solution.
  4. cranwo

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    Best router to use

    Many Thanks for that information, just to let you know that I do not have an existing router and my modem is plugged into a usb port on my PC. I have Broadband connection please tell me more as I really want to get my daughter onto the internet on her own PC ,also what else would I need to get started??
    PS I am still a novice at this but learning fast
    Much appreciated for your help
  5. Nodsu

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    You can either:
    Replace your current USB broadband modem with one that has an ethernet connector and connect a wireless router to it.
    Get a wireless access point (or a router if cheaper) and use the Windows ICS feature to share the USB modem connection.

    I'd recommend the first option.
  6. PanicX

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    I agree with Nodsu, if your current modem doesn't have an ethernet port (check because many do) then I'd recommend contacting your ISP for a modem upgrade. Then you'll need a WiFi router like this Linksys at Newegg (which I recommend) and you'll need a Wifi card for your daughters PC like this Linksys PCI Wireless Adapter at Newegg. Once you have all that, you're ready to setup your WiFi access. I'd also recommend using WPA wireless encryption which both those linksys products support.
  7. Samstoned

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    and the best router is???
    d-link no cisco 3com or linksys
    d-link is well known so is linksys and both are priced low
    there are a few more out the I started with linksys went to smc then tried d-link went back to linksys
  8. cranwo

    cranwo TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    Many Thanks guys, :wave: I am now that little bit wiser and know what to look for I'll give you the heads up when I decide which I am going to use and how they perform
  9. cranwo

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    Router and which one to buy

    As I said in a previous thread of mine that I would let you know which ROUTER I now have.
    It is a Linksys wireless one and both my daughter and I are grateful for those who gave the suggestions, we are both on line simultaneously with no problems at all and it was easy to set up.
    Many Thanks
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