what is the best videocard for 300$?

By awsskater892
Nov 17, 2006
  1. Hi, Im going to be building a computer in around febuary (yes i know your going to say well thats 3 months from now, everything will be outdated!!!), but im just wondering what is the best possible videocard i can get for about $300? i already have a tv tuner, and would rather not get one with one integrated in it. thanks for the help! -Nick

    ... and ati or nvidia is fine, but im most likely not going to be running a sli setup, unless there are 2 videocards that add up 300$, and i get the same (or better) performence. but i dont know much about sli, or the advantages/disadvantages.
  2. nickslick74

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    Easiest way to do it is check the VGA charts at THG and then start pricing at newegg.
  3. awsskater892

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    ps. Sean Connery kicks a**!!
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