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what is the main point of the godfater game

By shaggy_colt
Mar 16, 2006
  1. i heard that in the godfather game most of the time you wont be useing guns which i thinks sucks because there guns who doesent like em there are going to be guns but i dont know if you have to earn respect to get more guns or go through the game :darth:
  2. paranoid guy

    paranoid guy TS Rookie Posts: 420

    Excuse me?

    Let me get this straight... You think the main point of the Godfather games is...to get more guns? Sorry if I sound a little confused, but I am. Does this help?
    Taken from pc.gamezone.com
    "Gamers will create their own mob character in the game, putting themselves into the action while reliving classic moments from the fiction and experiencing original missions alongside memorable characters from the film. After a life of small-time jobs and petty thefts the player will be accepted into the Corleone family, America’s most famous criminal organization. It will be up to the player to carry out orders, earn respect and make New York City their own.

    Featuring non-linear action-adventure gameplay, The Godfather will offer gamers countless choices for solving the family’s problems with brutal violence, skillful diplomacy, or a cunning mixture of both. From mob hits and bank heists to drive-bys and extortion, step deep inside the world of The Godfather where intimidation and negotiation are your tickets to the top. Players will use their powers of loyalty and fear to earn respect through interactions with characters in the world. Decisions made by the player in the game will have lasting consequences, just as it was in the mob underworld featured in The Godfather fiction."

    Check this out too
    I'm personally pretty exited about this one, hoping for some good online gang wars in New Jersey :slurp:
    Edit: Just read that there's NO multiplayer :mad: puke:
    Thanks EA Games :(
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