What is the Problem???

By brianwolters
Feb 9, 2005
  1. I have posted part of this a week or so ago but I am at wits end now.

    3 Weeks ago, my home PC just stopped working. You would turn it on and the drives and fans will power up and it would not boot. I took each component out and one by one added them back in and nothing. Then, I tried a new video card, new RAM. Nothing. So I tried a new motherboard. It worked...for a while. Then I noticed my power supply fan was revving up and down..up and down. Finally, this stopped working with the same thing..it would just power up drives and fans and not boot. So, I took the PSU off and noticed there was a leaky capacitor, so I went and purchased a new PSU. Put it in and the SAME THING: power up drives and fans and not boot. I tried my old MB again. Nothing. So, I went out and exchanged the new MB just to check to see if that was the issue and while I was there, I purchased a new case. Hooked it all up, powered it on: NOTHING.

    Now, when I say NOTHING, as I said, it just powers up the fans and drives and won’t initialize video or start the BIOS Boot process.

    I even tried one more new video card..NOTHING.

    So, I am down to thinking it may be the CPU. Is it possible that the failing PSU may have killed the CPU? If so, my original MB could still be good. My new case doesn't have a speaker but still, it just doesn't boot. I even tired the on by one component test and still nothing. So, if it isn't the CPU, I am at a loss.


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