What is up with these Sandish flash drives!! They quit accepting files.

By macx
Oct 22, 2005
  1. Have 2 Sandisk flash drives.

    Worked great for awhile.

    One quit before I found out I should use a USB removal tool for taking them off of an XP system.

    So - got another, religiously use the removal tool.
    Also used it on a 98SE system where everyone says
    no tool required.

    Now the 2nd one has quit accepting files.
    I can still read and copy FROM the drive,
    but can't copy or move anything TO the drive.
    And it's only 1/2 full.

    Says the file can't be created.

    What's up with these things!?

    Should I get another brand, or can
    I fix this one? And if so, how do
    I avoid this?

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