What language for windows scripts???

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Jan 13, 2007
  1. Hi all,

    wanted to ask what language is used for window scripting??? like in uni every time i log ontho the system i get a command prompt showing some actions being taken, which i believe there are made from scripts. if so, what languages are used for this? also any point/guide towards this?

    last but not least, any similarities with perl/python? can one write perl/python scripts for windows???

  2. Nodsu

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    The most common login scrips are just simple batch files. There are some specialised login script programs like KiXtart

    For any kind of scripting, you need an interpreter to run that script. So yes, you can use Perl, Python, Ruby, anything in Windows as long as you have the relevant programs installed.
  3. Liquidlen

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    All versions of Windows will use Javascript and VBScript natively and at Microsoft you can get a ton of free stuff and support using these languages. There is no need to install third party programs.
  4. mke

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    Hi there and thanks for the replies. i was wondering if one could give a simple example of how a batch script looks, and possibly a perl/python. i have used in the past python but have forgotten all about it now. i am not keen on learning javascript as whenever i tried it i was always confused. preffer perl/python as seem more logical. batch files however i've never seeen :)


  5. Liquidlen

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  6. James Reen

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    Batch, vb and kix are the most popular for logon scripting. Most of all I prefer kix.
    I use desktop authority for network management. It's just based on kix scripting.
    According to abilities of this tool I can say that kix - is the most flexible and powerful language.
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