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Jun 20, 2006
  1. i'm not posting this thread to discuss any specific problem regarding gaming,i'm writing this to express my frustration about release of almost all exciting recent games in console versions (xbox,ps2,ps3,xbox360) instead of pc versions,we can't play some most thrilling titles like project zero 2,resident evil 4,black,flatout2,burnout revenge,dead or alive 4,devil may cry 4 and many more as none of these are available in pc versions,if this trend goes on what will be left in future for us,we pc gamers? will we be able to play the pc version of resident evil 4 at the time when console players would complete resident evil 8 or 9? i'm not against console gaming but pc gamers shouldn't be deprived in this way.
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Its a way of making money, period. PCs don't get as much money to their manufacturers and game developers as do consoles. So there will always be this kind of situation. But, not to worry, let's see how a console can handle BF3 at 1600x1200 and full detail :D
  3. Sharkfood

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  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    All the emulators u posted are in the beta stages and not worth it coz they need BIOS's and what not. Better buy a PS2 than go to so much trouble I say, expecially since its only like $120 now.
  5. Vigilante

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    I've never been a fan of console gaming to much. But I've played my share. If I could have a perfect console, it would be an NES that actually worked the first time you put a game in :)

    I also played most of the zelda series on NES, SNES, N64 and Cube.

    I am very interested to see how Nintendo's WII does, I may get one of those. I haven't "consoled" in a long time.
  6. Stefchu (PoLsKa

    Stefchu (PoLsKa TS Rookie Posts: 99

    I have a Cube and got bored of it for a while so I'm trying to turn into a PC gamer. So far, I like the PC games, but if Microsoft deprives us of all the best games for PC, I may just go back to console. I'm also interested in how Nintendo's WII goes. But i can't stand the controller, its sooo....stupid.
  7. Lekki_Sheep

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    All those games are following very limited, rather old school models. They're dying genres in the PC gaming world and as far as I'm concerned they can die and be buried. We don't need any more Resident Evil games, or cheezy racers. We can do without VS beatemups and tired fps's. There's really interesting, exciting stuff on the way to the PC. Check out Spore for example. Look at the massive interactive environments we're getting spawned on the PC. You can only really make stuff like that for a dynamic technology. Consoles will stay as they are and can't really be upgraded. It's the set-top that we need to worry about, not the console.
    While Oblivion was a console release you have to admit that it's real home is the PC. Look at the community for things like the elder scrolls series and you'll see that there's alot of things that console gamers are missing out on.
    Also I'd just like to point out that the real reason all those games are console only releases is that they're Japanease made and Japan's gamer culture is heavily dominated by consoles. Sony, Nintendo, there's your reason for the console's popularity there. They're so cheap.
    If you really want to play those games I imagine you won't have to wait long anyhow. Most console games of any note make it to the PC. I'd prefer it if they didn't do it in tandem anyhow. Just look at the dual platform release games of the past and you'll notice that the PC game's quality suffered due to the consoles limitations.
    I could rant longer, but then you'd probably think I had a chip on my shoulder.
  8. VacaXXX

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    why are you limiting yourself to just playing PC games??

    seems kind of stupid to deprive yourself of some good games just because you want to be one sided...

    if its because of the price of the systems, then i guess i do see the dilemma
  9. Stefchu (PoLsKa

    Stefchu (PoLsKa TS Rookie Posts: 99

    I'm thinking of getting the WII, i also like PC games also, lots of RPG's on the pC, while on the WII i dont believe that they're will be many RPG's
  10. Lekki_Sheep

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    I own two X-Boxes, two Playstation 2's and four PC's. I'm not limiting myself. I just know quality when I see it.
  11. ani123

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    hey Stefchu(PoLska),why do you think yourself deprived for not having microsoft games? what worthy game has microsoft made so far except age of empire series?they always think that games always should have some educational purpose,hence almost all microsoft games ultimately turn out to be boring,dull and bogus educational and management software,i don't think microsoft can ever make complete games in any genre as very often brilliantly done by ubisoft,eidos,activision or electronic arts,even small developers like novalogic, codemaster or dreamcatcher can make much meaningfull games than microsoft.wish u good luck with nintendo wii.
  12. Lekki_Sheep

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    Nonsense, what about Halo? That was published by Microsoft.
  13. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The Halo series, Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, Flight Simulator, Age of Mythology, Dungeon Siege II and the Mechwarrior series are among the best games made by Microsoft. You're the one deprived if you've never played any of these titles.
  14. Lekki_Sheep

    Lekki_Sheep TS Rookie Posts: 135

    All fine games, but they stumbled with freelancer I feel. It's worth pointing out however that Microsoft didn't develop most of these games, they just payed for them.
  15. CrossFire851

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    I beta tested all those games for M$ (A**Holes) they are good at making OS, but nothing else. Lets leave it to big titles like EA.
  16. Stefchu (PoLsKa

    Stefchu (PoLsKa TS Rookie Posts: 99

    Hey guys, don't forget about Fable!!!! Well now i've heard that in Fable 2 they will have gunpowder guns, i think it will ruin the whole game
  17. mastronaut

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    I'm a serious PC gamer, but the future is bleek. I am not psyched about any games on the horizon. Quake 4 was waaaay to short, as was F.E.A.R. I like games that take more than a few hours to complete. Hell, I still play 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein!' I would rather have good graphics than awesome graphics if it only takes 4hours to beat a game....Quake 2!
  18. Lekki_Sheep

    Lekki_Sheep TS Rookie Posts: 135

    Play Oblivion, X3:Reunion, wait for Hellgate London. There's plenty on the horizon and they're anything but short. I must have given Oblivion about 80 hrs thus far and I'm still not done. Oh, and maybe someday they'll release Stalker.
  19. mastronaut

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    Stalker might be worth it if it ever arrives...Maybe Medal of Honor Airborne and Wolfenstein sequel will rock, although I've heard nothing recently. :suspiciou
  20. SNGX1275

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    Come on man. How old are you? I'm going to guess you are between 12 and 18. Consoles and PCs have always been different, only now with the xbox and the 360 are they similar to PCs. So when you are talking about RE4 not being out on a PC, why are you upset about that? Were you upset when the thousands of NES games didn't have a PC equilivant, you can follow that arguement all the way up through now.
    Point is there have through the entire history of consoles been games that you can't get on a PC, thats just the nature of it. Now it might be changing with hardware becoming so similar, but for you to get upset about it at this point is confusing what consoles are.
  21. bearsfan092

    bearsfan092 TS Rookie

    I agree with you. Take madden for instance (yes, I know I'm a madden addict), because I only have a cube (I bought it when i didn't know better), I'm a pc gamer-ish person (can't really call myself a gamer, I dabble). But it seems like we get less of the good games, and the pc ports aren't as good/not supported enough. In madden, I didn't get a roster update until november, whereas the consoles got their first one at the start of the season. But let's face it, PC isn't a big moneymaker, so they won't support it as much. I wish I bought a PS2 two years ago. I'm not gonna buy one now because next gen consoles coming out. And at the same time I'm not gonna throw down 600 bucks for a ps3.
  22. Zolga

    Zolga TS Rookie Posts: 56

    Consoles are better for playing games on, because there made for it, i would suppose, consoles are better....the PC games are almost the same as consoles games, you would be better off getting a console then a PC. :)
    The consoles can play games higher then the PC anyway, without lag or anything.
    If you really want to spend aload of money on a PC just to play games, that's useless, just get a console.
    umm please tell me the point in having that?? kind of detail on a console....1600x1200? no point..

    Anyway i like the gamecube it's really good, i like it better then the XBOX.
  23. Lekki_Sheep

    Lekki_Sheep TS Rookie Posts: 135

  24. N3051M

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    There's actualy a reason consoles are just ment specificaly for gameing. Its because developers would know exactly what that particular machine's limitations are. Take the Mac for example. They've got software that will work straight off the bat, while since PCs are open architecture programmers will have to work out what the lowest common denominator is, or what an average user will have on a normal pc, even if they have another set of codes to optimise the program for a particular setup. I mean who've seen a BSOD, graphic artifacts from failing graphics card, direct x problem or a "Insufficiant memory to run this game" error (of sorts) on a console?

    In terms of media playback and internet browsing, it has slightly improved in comparison to the old days of consoles, but like lekki says, there's always restrictions. although thats not gonna stop serious console modders to stick a copy of windows xp on their X360 etc.. (provided they buy the retail version off course:D) since hardware are almost identical (mobo (minus the proper pc BIOS), cpu, psu, ram, hdd, optical drive, usb ports)

    There will always be a market for PC games simply because, well, more than half the world has pcs or use them in some way/shape/form, and would like to be entertained once in a while. Although some developers probably wont be releasing some "exclusive" games simply because there's probably too much reprogramming involved to recreate the program into a playable pc version and that they wont earn that much since they will have to aquire various licences before they can get it to work. That could also be said the same with exclusive PC games to consoles...

    Most importantly, games that prove popular in the end tend to be ported to the pc, and also those whome the public cry out for (if enough emails are sent to em :p). Who can't resist making a quick buck?

    I can never play a FPS without my trusty little key & mouse.. controllers are just too wierd for them, exception of the light gun...
  25. Shizat

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    CoD3 will be the same way, all for the next-gen consoles and not for PCs... It makes me sick... but what are we to do?
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