What mouse for gaming?

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Jun 19, 2002
  1. What mouse

    What mouse do u 3D Gamers use? Im after a new mouse and i was thinking optical but i dont mind wires, what refresh rate is the mouse u recommend?
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    If you want to go optical but don't want to go cordless, you can also go that route though many people overlook the fact that they come both corded and cordless. I have an Intellimouse Explorer(cordless) and a Logitech optical(corded) as well as an Intellitrack Trackball, each has its advantage and disadvantage but for general gaming I prefer my Logitech, it seems to have better responsiveness than the intellimouse.
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    It's really all going to boil down to personal preference, comfort, and how quickly you can get used to the mouse. I use a couple of Microsoft IntelliEye Explorers and a Microsoft IntelliEye Optical for gaming. Those are really the only 3 machines I game on so those are the only mice I use. You should prolly go try some out (friends and stores) and make sure you change configs and sensitivities to match what you'd actually use.

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    As soon as you get this supposed new mouse, be sure to do this to it ;)
    Since you apparently like to tweak stuff ;)
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    I recommend the MS Intellipoint Explorer V3 .. :grinthumb
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    I have purshased the Microsoft IntelliOptical mouse im very impressed with the actuacy obtained. Is it possible to Tweak this at all?
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