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Aug 17, 2006
  1. I'm looking forward to updating my computer, I seriously need one! I currently have a gateway E-3400, pentium III processor, 730 MHz, and 128 MB of ram:knock: .
    So I was wondering does anyone have any computer suggestions for my new PC.

    I used my computer for the microsoft office stuff (word, powerpoint, etc), I also play the sims 2 and the expanision packs and would a computer that I could be able to use all the settings on high, also I use my computer for the net, for itunes and downloading, and that's basically it!

    So can anyone lead me in the direction of a desktop that fits these needs!


    P.S. If its possible can you find a cheaper computer nothing over $1000 though I'd like cheaper than that! LOL!
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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  3. top_model_guy

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    I was looking at this Dell Promotion, is it any good for what I'm looking for???

    It's the Dimension B110 desktop:
    Intel Celeron D Processor 325 (2.53GHz)
    Genuine Windows XP Home Edition
    512MB shared DDR SDRAM
    160GB Hard Drive
    15" Flat panel Display
    Cd/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW)

    It cost $449!

    Will this work or do I need to go ahead and build a pc? I've never built a computer so I don't know about going about getting parts and putting it together that's why I'm asking.
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The Dimension E510 seems like a better choice. If u take the X600 graphics card option, you'll be able to run almost all the games out there on full detail, including Sims 2. Plus, it's around $950 and dual-core, which trounces the Celeron D by a wide margin.

    The AlienWare Aurora 3500 is also a great choice. I customized it by replacing Win XP Home with Pro and by replacing the videocard with a 7600G. But if u want to keep the price low by using a cheaper video card, go for the 6600LE they offer rather than the 6200. It makes a large difference in performance. Otherwise, it's a great system and much better than the E510 IMO. And since Dell owns Alienware, ur not really changing manufacturers. But in the end it's upto u.

    Building a system is the best if u know how to since parts can be of better quality and since one part is manuactured by multiple companies, it will be cost effective, as u might have seen in the budget PC guide I told u about. But since u don't have the knowledge necessary and don't want to take any risks too, u might as well get the Alienware or the Dell I/u have posted.
  5. AMDIsTheBest010

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    DO NOT BUY DELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    buy gateway. They make excellent systems, and they keep all thier tech support right here in the good old USA.

    On www.gateway.com they are selling a Pentium D based system with a 19"LCD for $999.99 EXCLUDING shipping and tax

    Gateway Specs:

    Intel Pentium D 2.66GHz w/ EM64T 64bit support
    250GB 7200RPM
    9-1 Media Card Reader
    DVD-R/RW DL DVD burner
    Intel 10/100 Ethernet
    56K Data/Fax modem
    ATI Radeon X200 128MB Video RAM
    2 Piece speaker solution
    Gateway 104key keyboard and optical mouse
    6USB 2.0, 1 IEEE1394 (FireWire), Parralel, serial, 2 PS/2 ports
    Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 w/update rollup 2
    1year warranty
    Microsoft Office 2003 Basic (Word, Excel, Outlook)
    all for $999.99

    Trust me, these systems dont die quickly, mine went through a fire, and im using it as i speak (or type if you will)

  6. top_model_guy

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    I trust you about Gateways because both pcs I've had were Gateways and they're great basically. I just need a serious upgrade did you see my pc stats, and I was leaning towards dell because everyone has been telling me how great they are, they've also said something bad about gateways but I disregard it because both of my gateways worked fine, never broke.

    So will the system you suggest fit all the needs I want for gaming and multi-tasking and stuff??? It somewhat seems like that gateway system I so wanted to buy from the homeshopping network that was $1000 and something dollars.
  7. AMDIsTheBest010

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    Yes, that gateway will definitly work excellent for your needs. Mine has 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB, but even with all my programs up and running, i still have 1.46GB RAM free to work with. I run MS Flight Simulator 2004 with every detail set to "Ultra High" and every advanced detail turned on "Glare, Antiliasing, Reflection, " and it runs excellent. Plus i have MS Office 2003 Pro and i run it with no problems at all.

    Another thing that i love about gateways is the BTX tower design. It uses 2 large 120mm fans instead of 3-4 60mm fans, so it runs ultra quiet and cool. It doenst have a CPU fan, so that decreases most of the noise that most computers generate. Plus BTX chassis have proven to last 50% longer and reliable than standard ATX chassis. Trust me, i have A gateway desktop, and a notebook, (desktop purchased in April 2006, Notebook in November 2004) they both run great and have not had any problems with any of them.

    Do what ever you want, but im warning you that every Dell i have had, have been below average in performance and quality in my opinion. Plus if you have to call them for Tech support, your call gets routed to India (which you can barely understand).


  8. Nawwar

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    what OS are you using? vista is much more demanding than XP

    heres a basic setup:
    Intel E4300
    Gigabyte 965P S3
    Any generic 1Gb ram (no need for high-end if not OCing)
    Asus SATA 1814BLT (great SATA burner cheap)
    X300/X600 graphics or 7600GT (ur not using any demanding games)
    Western Digital 320GB 7200rpm
    Soprano Vx case (some versions come with PSU which is fine for u)
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