What to buy?

By Sixstring · 5 replies
Jan 11, 2005
  1. Best value gfx card in the Uk at the moment for under £100?

    And best value for under £200?

    Radeon or Geforce?

    I need 2 different cards for 2 Pcs.

    Any ideas as i dont have a clue :blush:
  2. binnsmeister

    binnsmeister TS Rookie

    A clue

    the ATI radeon 9200 graphics cards has 128mb of on board memory and the graphics quality is very good...for gaming its top knotch Be sure to check the site for updates.... I use this one

    NVida gforce is also a very good card, and I have found the graphics slightly less of a quality than the radeon, but it runs a little faster...
    Both good choices....for gaming, and movie watching

    Both are svideo cable ready
  3. Sixstring

    Sixstring TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Cheers buddy.....

    Both are for gaming. The £100 for a little used pc upgrading from a Radeon 7500 And the £200 for a very well used upgrading from a Gforce fx5200....I would push to £250 on that one if pushed :suspiciou

    I have always used Gforce and am not sure if i should go to Radeon even though all reports are good. I played with both above cards today on the same monitor and the Gforce was way ahead.

    Advice :knock:
  4. Lucky Guess

    Lucky Guess TS Rookie

    NVidia versus ATI?

    Let the debates begin. But I think NVidia (GE Force) is a bit less expensive, and more compatible on the low end. So unless money is no object, go with NVidia. I'm not into brand names either, so I would just get the one with the most advanced chipset at the cheapest price. In the US, I go with zipzoomfly for prices. Free shipping and no tax. Anybody found a less expensive site?
  5. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    128 bit Radeon 9600 for low end and 9600XT or 9800 for midrange.
  6. Sixstring

    Sixstring TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Does it matter who the manufacturer of the card is?. I see lots of Radeon 9800 but all at different prices made by different people.....whats the deal??
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