What tower should i buy?

By ronobono ยท 18 replies
Jul 17, 2006
  1. Im looking to buy a tower to replace my old one. Can anyone give me a link for the best tower with os already on it for around 200-300$.I know that not much but im a broke dude :) I would like to find at least a 2ghz .
  2. JMMD

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    Dell outlet would be a good place to start. Personally, I would save up a little more and wait for a good deal at Dell.

    This is an example of what they have:

    System Price : $269.00

    Operating System Genuine Windows XP Home
    Memory 512 MB DDR NON-ECC SDRAM 400MHz (2 DIMMs)
    Hard Disk Drive 40 GB EIDE Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
    Modem 56Kbps Data/Fax Modem
    Base Dimension 3000 Desktop: Intel Pentium 4 Processor (2.80GHz, 533 FSB)
    Media Bay 48X Max Variable CD ROM Drive
  3. Kevin16

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  4. mailpup

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    Hmmm. Although cheap can be relative, Kevin's link doesn't fit too well into what I would call a "cheap" category. It's kind of 10X his budget.
  5. wolfram

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  6. MetalX

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    Maybe he was being sarcastic. . .
  7. Kevin16

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    Not cheap enough?
  8. gamingmage

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  9. ronobono

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    Thanx for the posts guys! The same day I made this post i bought 1 off ebay for $262.20... Its a Amd Athalon 2700,2.2ghz,40 gig HD,512 mb ram, custom built. I would like to link the page to show you guys so i could see if i got a good deal or not,but I dont know how to link? If anyone can tell me if this was a ok deal plz do. thanx :)
  10. Kevin16

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    Aw..I wasted all that time to find a good deal for you too!

    Haha...just kididing I'm happy for you man.
  11. zephead

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    don't get a dell. avoid OEM builds, they aren't worth your money. i'm glad you made the right choice to get a standard computer. given the info you listed it sounds like a decent price.
  12. Kevin16

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    Why aren't OEM builds worth the money? Manufactures like Dell and HP buy parts in the thousands and get price cuts. All their parts are tested for maximum compatability and stability. Custom-built computers are good for people who know what they want and know what they are doing.
  13. zephead

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    OEMs use low quality parts that do not conform to industry standards for many reasons, namely to make a profit and because said corporations have massive amounts of overhead. buying a custom PC gives the user the supreme choice of parts and access to name brand high quality components. and of course custom PCs conform to industry standards which makes them upgradeable and easily repairable.

    even if you don't know mugh about computers, a local technician or PC repair shop can help you decide on parts based on your needs, and then put it together for a small fee.
  14. Kevin16

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    Zep i agree that people should build their own computers, but if you are looking to buy one, then why buy a custom-built one from someone else who designed it to their specifications?

    This guy just wants a decent computer for a cheap price and OEM built computers offer this solution.

    It does'nt matter now because he already bought one but custom-built PC's dont come with any warranty either.
  15. IBN

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    Each component of a custom built computer comes with warranty. Some components come with a life time warranty, for example RAM. Hard Drives can come with a 5 year warranty, like this all the components of a custom built PC do have a warranty.
  16. blue_dragon

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  17. MetalX

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    Lol whatever man i could build 3 and a half of that same machine for that price.
  18. Tedster

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    With custom builds you can always upgrade components one at a time to keep up. With some OEMs, you can't, or you're forced to by the manaufactuer's products.
  19. zephead

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    custom builds are clearly the better choice for anyone buying a computer. dell and others sell computers because of heavy marketing that targets consumers who do not know enough about consumers to realize that they are being ripped off.

    so when you pay $400 for a new dell tower just over half of that sum actually goes towards the parts, because dell has to pay for advertising, the salesman that sold you it, his manager, and so on. the only reason they are able to do it is because they cut as many corners as possible and go for cheaper lower quality parts.

    when you buy a new $400 custom build from a local shop or technician, a way smaller percent of that money is eaten up by company overhead, so more of your money actually goes into what you paid for - the tower itself.

    and perhaps most overlooked is the fact that a custom PC can be easily be maintenenced and/or upgraded by anyone in the world because its parts conform to industry standards. with a dell, often times thier specialized designsmean that the only place you can get parts is from dell. and they know this and charge as much as they want.

    any way you cut it, a standard PC is better any day of the week

    and further to that note, it should be known here that all the major OEM companies get most of thier business from businesses and corporations, all of which do not have access to fast means for getting standard PCs instead.
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