What type of DVD player do I need?

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Nov 4, 2007
  1. I've tried to download videos from the net and burned it to a blank CD/DVD, however, when I put it in the dvd player, it wouldn't play. Why is that? What did I do wrong or needed?
  2. Nodsu

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    Does your DVD player support those kinds of video files? Normal DVD players play only DVDs. Some play .AVI files encoded with DivX or XviD. You can pretty much forget about any other video formats.
  3. adu123

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    Are you saying AVI is the only video formats most DVD player will support? What about MP4, MPG, MPEG and other video format? What do I check which video format my DVD player supports? Thank you
  4. poertner_1274

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    Typically DVD players will play DVD, DVD Video, and sometimes divX or Xvid. Some specialy players will play those other mentioned types.

    Plug your DVD Player information into this site and see what file tyles it plays.
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    you need the correct codecs to play DVDs. If you have a burning program like Roxio or Nero, they come with the programs. You can also download CODECs to use with your media players.
  6. adu123

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    The box of my DVD player (brand:pILOT) says it support MPEG4 file, DIVX4.X or DIVX5.X. So what video file should I download from the net to make sure my DVD player will play it? Thank you for your help
  7. adu123

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    Please help me out

    I've download two videos from LimeWire. one is avi file, the other is mpeg file, but neither would play in my DVD player. Is it because mpeg is not the same as mpeg4? Will my DVD player support mpg, mov, and mp4 video file?
    Can someone shows me how to burn a video to a blank DVD correctly using nero version 4? I'm very grateful for your help.
  8. zipperman

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    DVD Player details

    Is it a DVD-ROM drive ?
    Why not name the player ? Theres lots to choose from.
    Does this drive read discs in My Computer ?
    If it's Movie.mpeg,change it to Movie.mpg.
    Some avi's need Divx Player.
    But upgrade to Nero 6 or 7.If Nero 4 came with the player it must be old
    and time to replace.
    Buy a boxed player with Nero included.6 or 7 version.Use Start Smart.
  9. adu123

    adu123 TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 278

    I want to know which video format I should download so my dvd player will support, Are mp4 and mpeg4 the same format? I want to know how can I convert avi, mpg, mov.... to mpeg4 format. Thanks
  10. Samstoned

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    MPEG4 is a avi
    is this a stand alone player??I would guess but that would not help
    try making a image bin/cue of movies
    and if stand alone should be able to do dvd video format

    all computer type dvd players burners should read wmv,avi,divx,mpeg,
    all video formats.all data
    to view is another issue need proper codecs and player to view
    what do you want the player to do??
    play the movie auto or open the disc in explorer
  11. zipperman

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