What're the best external hard drives brand and model?

(In terms of lasting longer)
I need above USB 3.0. Size required is 1TB.
I won't write a lot. I'd most likely write 500GB at the first day and will barely write anything afterwards.
I won't read that much either.

I'm currently using toshiba hard disk which came internally with my laptop. I'm satisfied with this thus I'm planning to buy external hard disk of Toshiba. But if there's something better than this or if toshiba isn't renowned for external hard disks, I'd rather go with another one.

I've collected some specific brands HDDs available in my region(others could also be available but not listed online) for example.

Transcend storejet 25M3 military drop tested
Transcend EAIP
Seagate Expansion
Wd my passport
Wd usb portable drive
Seagate barracuda
Hikvision light portable hd
Adata hd330
Toshiba canvio basics

The brands recommended to me are:

So, recommend me best External Hard Disks.
These are some of the best external hard drive brands and models:
- WD Elements Portable Drive
- Seagate Portable Drive
- Maxone 500GB Ultra Slim Drive
- Toshiba Canvio Basics Portable Drive
- Silicon Power Portable Drive
- LaCie Rugged Mini Drive
- SanDisk Extreme Portable External SSD


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Most of manufacturers get identical HDD inside external HDD. The difference is price. Sandisk, Apacer, Transcend, Silicon Power = WD Blue in 99% of cases. Now you has 3 options:
- WD
- Toshiba
- Seagate

Get HDD without SMR and be happy!