Whats a good Anti Virus download?

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Mar 6, 2007
  1. A while back I read of a few free virus software downloads online. I wanted to see what people's advice are. Should I just go buy Nortons or are there better cheaper alterantives out there?
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    norton in my view is the worst well known av programme. avg is pretty good for a freeby. it also provides a free antispyware programme too. download it seperately though.
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    I run an array regulary. AVG Free, Spybot, and the free online scanner from Trend, Housecall. Between the three I'm pretty well covered.
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    NOD32 good replacement for F-Prot which was the best one until it doesn't remove viruses just tell you where they are for you to remove. AVG Free didn't catch viruses that F-Prot did block out, Then AVG Pro found what F-Prot didn't Catch. I've decided to use NOD32 so far the system not bog down like with AVG Pro. I also find that AVG Pro doesn't remove Viruses it just tell you were they are too after a while.

    NOD32 AV
    Spyware Blaster
    Ccleaner is good (but if you run Tweak PowerPack Pro Disk Cleaner it finds more than Ccleaner does and fixes the registry more.) Still the free program is good CCleaner.

    Avanced Windows Care Free additon does more than CCleaner it opitimizes the system while it cleans Spyware, Mailware, Adware, IE Cache stuff an etc.. It updates like Spyware Blaster.

    Peerguardian2 stops Ad/spyware if you use those features. I use to block out bad IPs..

    Ad Muncher can remove all Ads from sites you can add your own blocks to the list. You can also scamble your IP if you want. The program has been around for along time. Ads, images, sound, web crap, popups an etc. are removed.
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    Thank you everyone for the response. it looks like I have a few options to go with here, and the best thing about it is, it won't cost me anything.
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