Whats Difference between DVD- and DVD +

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Nov 16, 2005
  1. I have a 16X DVD RW -+, If i am making DVD copies to play on my home DVD player what DVD Discs shall i buy and what is the best software to use for copying?
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    I was in the same boat once too.... but what I have found over time, reading, and personal experience.... you are not going to find on brand of DVD that is going to play in everyone's DVD player due to the compatible media that is support for your drive (might want to call the vendor and ask them if they have a 100% supported preference on brand), and the compatibility of the DVD player you will be putting the disc into when finished..

    However, I can make a suggestion on what I use and I have heard nothing but good things about and that is the Ritek/Ridata DVD+R media... I buy 100 packs of these all the time... have not had one coaster...love them!!...but thats not to say they will work for you, but I would be shocked if they didn't due to all the reviews that are on newegg.com about them...one of those people have to have the same burner as you...hehe
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    There are some slight differences.

    DVD- has a slightly higher compatability than DVD+ and by slightly, I'm talking very slight. Very old DVD readers are going to have a greater chance working with - discs, although anything in the past several years should play + fine.

    Where DVD- doesn't, DVD+ supports CLV (constant burn speed) and CAV (increases read/burn speed) as well as lossless linking (increased data integrity).

    DVD+ is a better technology, but not by much. Most burners are both + and - anymore, so that should make it easy to choose a drive. :) Then all you hav to do is decide what media to use, which I would choose +. It's more common these days which means you can usually find a good deal on them too.
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    Thanx alot you have been a great help! i will try that for the dvds, One other thing is i have a pack of DVD- at the moment and it is having serious difficulties copying DVD data discs, is this due to my low memory SD RAM 256mb ??

    It has copied some images and some data discs fine but most of the time i experience problems with the copying.
  5. Rick

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    What kind of difficulties are you having, exactly?

    The discs don't finish burning? Playback is not working properly?.. etc?

    256MB isn't ideal, but depending on what the rest of your computer is and how well kept your Windows installation is, it shouldn't be a major problem.
  6. jermaine2000

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    My problem is when im sometimes burning discs using nero it would stop at 1 or 2 % and il end up wasting alot of blanks its proberly the wack *** cheap DVD- blanks i bought from the market, that should prob explain my problem.
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