Whats my system bottleneck?

By Kitch
May 29, 2006
  1. Hey im helping my brother out a lot and he's an avid WOW player
    i just got him a new card too, anyways heres my specs

    CPU-Athlon at 1.0 GHZ (i dont even know how old)
    MOBO- MSI kt4v
    RAM- 896MB (512,256,128)
    PSU-300w stock
    HDD-120GB(40 master, 80 slave)
    Video Card- Radeon X800 GTO AGP

    i first thought the psu was holding it back, but now im thinking its the CPU
    he gets only about 25-40 fps on default settings with about nothing happening on screen, meanwhile my bros 6800 xt is getting 75-80 in the same situation, i tried a Thermaltake 430w PSU but it made little difference

    What are your thoughts? Thank you for any feedback.
  2. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    I'd say he could now use a faster CPU AND a better power supply. With a GPU like that and running 3 sticks of a RAM and a faster CPU, he aught to have a good name brand power supply of at least 450watts.

    That motherboard supports up to an Athlon 2800+ at 333fsb. So get yourself a 2800+ and make sure your RAM is also DDR333, and that the BIOS has these proper values.
    The 2800+ is 2.08ghz I believe, so if you're running 1ghz now, that should be a noticeable speed difference. And matched with DDR333 RAM, you will have maxed out your hardware.
    And NEVER underestimate the power supply's importance. A better and more powerful one will help keep your parts happy and running with good, clean, power. An aging, underpowered supply will not give reliable power, and can manifest itself with random crashing and funky errors and data corruption even.

    my .02
  3. Kitch

    Kitch TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    you my friend, told me exactly what i wanted to hear

    if it were just me buying parts for myself i would have just done that, but since its for my brother, i decied i should get a second opinion

    i love all you techspot guys lol
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