Whats the best scanner/pic printer

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Feb 24, 2006
  1. Im looking into getting a printer so that I can print my digital photos straight from my card. I was going ot buy a basic one from walmart but I want to invest into one that will scan and also print 6' x 10''s also. Has anyone had good success with a certain brand? My mother in law has a Lexmark p6250 and Im not impressed with it because its grainy and the settings are to complicated. Let me know!
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  3. bradmiaz

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    Dont see yours

    Does cannon not make the smartbase anymore? I went to the site and dont see it. The Pixma 500 or 750 looks great so Ill research that. Thanks for the info.
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    It`s probably been superceded by now, as I`ve had mine for nearly 2 years.

    If you do a Google search for canon smartbase, you may be able to find some still available.

    Regards Howard :)
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    lexmark is crap. I swear by canon printers. I have an i860 and it works great. Also refilling their ink tanks is easy. My father used to use Epson printers, but they're cumbersome and refilling the ink tanks is a pain. Once I got him a canon, he never went back.

    I also have a canon canonscan 3000F scanner. It's dirt cheap and takes great scans.
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    If you want the best photos I would use an EPSON; go to any professional photographer, graphic designer, or anyone who wants the best in color output (including art schools) and they will all have EPSON.
    If you are looking for a printer only I would recommend the EPSON R340, if you are looking for an AIO (all-in-one) I would recommend EPSON R700.
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    I have a Epson, and kick my self for not getting a Canon. The scaner is very good. The printer was at first too, but now it's getting bad. I have read that's normal with Epson Ink jets.
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