What's this very loud noise?

After turning on my computer, there's a very loud noise. I took a video of it:

My computer works just fine, and the loud noise automatically disappears after 5 minutes.

But it's really annoying because it usually reappears again at random intervals.

Is it the CPU fan, GPU fan or something else?

Should I be worried?


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It does sound like it's one of the fans. Here's a simple way of testing: gently place a finger onto the centre of the GPU fan, to slow it down a fraction. If the pitch changes, it's that fan. That test is a little harder to try on the CPU fan, as it's inverted.

The noise occurs because of gunked up/dried out grease on the fan bearings/spindle. Both the CPU and GPU fans can be taken out and cleaned with some compressed air (go easy with it); you can also spray a little bit of dry lubricant spray (go easy with this too) to improve matters a touch.


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It's definitely a fan, as previously suggested, carefully slow them down to find out which one needs lubrication. Sometimes its the PSU fan which can be repaired but it's dangerous to mess around with the power supply ⚠️. If that's the case it would be better to replace the whole PSU unit


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It sounds like the GPU fan to me..another way to see is to cup your hand around the fan(s) for a couple secs, without touching it to restrict airflow. That will change the pitch. This is particularly handy with the PSU fan. You can even try running the PC laying down or standing up to get some relief from the noise. Until you get a new fan fore whatever it is.